Friday, October 26, 2012

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Sugarpill News

Though the release date is still unknown the Cold Chemistry Palette IS COMING! Yay!

NEW Sugarpill Key Chains for sale on their online store! I need one. Seriously. SO CUTE.

The Limited Edition shade "@#$%!" is available RIGHT MEOW on SugarpillShop.Com!! HURRY! Snag it while you can! :D

Oooh! Previously exclusive to the Chromalust Trios have made it to the Sugarpill site! You get $36 worth of goodness for only $30! These are my favorite loose shadows out there. They are truly gorgeous and the shades are unlike any other out there. Fo' real doe.

Hop on over to the Sugarpill site HERE --> CLICK ME! and check these amazing products out!!


Friday, October 19, 2012

Rockeresque Beauty Co Releases 5 New Loose Shadows Perfect For Fall

New Rockeresque Shadows!

How Beautiful Do these looks?!

I haven't received mine in the mail yet but the order is placed (I couldn't resist!) Miss Jessie Blush put up a GORGEOUS look using them though! Check it out..

(Miss Jessie Blush Modeling The New Rockeresque Shadows!)

Be sure to like her FACEBOOK PAGE to see MORE of her amazing make up looks! :) and be sure to like  Rockeresque too!


Thursday, October 18, 2012

Lime Crime Flash Sale 2 Liquid Liners For $20

(Lime Crime Limited Edition Gold and Silver Liquid Liner set!)

LIME CRIME is debuting a set of 2 NEW eyeliners! Gold & silver! They will be flash-released on Monday October 22nd and will only be available for 20 HOURS ONLY: starting at noon PST. The set is LIMITED EDITION and this special pricing is only available during these 2o hours!If you miss the sale, don't worry! These colors will be available again during the holiday season: but sold separately at the normal LIME CRIME uniliner price of  $13.99 each.

LIME CRIME Posted this teaser photo of them in action.. I know I am going to have the snag them while I can! BEAUTIFUL! xo.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Lime Crime Limited Edition Alchemy Collection Review Available Now

(Limited Edition Lime Crime Alchemy Set Available til the end of OCTOBER! Only $49.99)

Lime Crime has released the new Alchemy Collection! When ordering this special limited edition collection (including the new Alchemy Palette and 2 brand new lipsticks!!) you are pretty much getting a lipstick FOR FREE. Plus this awesome lil' limited edition MOOK! Check it out and snag this before they're all gone! <3

Click Here To Order Now!! :)
(Please note that when you use the affiliate links featured on this blog you are supporting the blog! Plus letting Lime Crime know who sent you! I love this company and this is the only reason I chose to become an affiliate! Thank you!)

Quick review of Lime Crime Alchemy Collection

Yay! A quick review of the Lime Crime Alchemy collection. Though I haven't had the chance to play with the palette too much yet the colors swatched super smoothely and had intense pigmentation! The colors are different.. I own more makeup than any girl could ever need and I can honestly say I do not have a dupe for this amazing burnt orange! SO PRETTY! Poison Plum lipstick is just as beautiful as I imagined. I am quite pale but I still like the dramatic color. I may lighten it up a bit for everyday wear but.. It's gorgeous. I am not the type to wear anything out of the normal Nude/Red/Pink/Purple families of lip shades so Serpentina may not be an everyday wear for me. THOUGH it's beautiful and hs me dreaming of photo shoots and costumes I could use it with. Shimmery green goodness!

I also picked up the Sweet Antoinette Lip Stick Trio! Coquette is mine at last! and Great Pink Planet! two of the shades I could not wait to get. Though I already had Countessa Flouressant I opted to get the trio anyway. I do love the color, so didn't an extra (and only for a few dollars!)

Bottom line: if you love lime crime, you will not be let down. I believe this palette is great for fall and winter. The colors are a step away from the Lime Crime norm but it's a good step only in the way that it's offering more variety. I am a huge fan of all the other Lime Crime palettes and am glad I chose to also purchase this one. Be sure to snag the limited edition set before October is over! It's like getting a free lipstick and a discount on the other!

Get it, Get it! Great job once again LIME CRIME! :D

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Day Of The Dead Sugar Skull MakeUp Tutorial And Look

(Day Of The Dead / Sugar Skull/Pin Up Girl Halloween Make Up Look!)

(My Girly version of the Sugar Skull Make Up! I kept half my face simple with a Pin Up feel!)

(Sugar Skull Day Of The Dead Halloween Make Up Tutorial)

                Click here to be redirected to my MAKEUPBEE look page with detailed instructions! :) <-- Please click the lil' heart on my Day of the Dead look on MAKEUPBEE! I entered it into the MUFE Halloween competition! I'd really appreciate it loves! xo

Monday, October 8, 2012

Lime Crime Alchemy Fantasy Palette And Lipstick Swatches

Lime Crime's New Alchemy To Be Released This October 13th at Midnight!

(Lime Crime's New Fantasy Palette and Lipstick Collection: Alchemy)

Incantation: Metallic copper with fiery sparks.
Lucky Charm: Forest green/firefly green shift.
Love Potion #9: Purple/mint shift.
Spellbound: White/gold shift.
Divination: Slate blue/peacock shift.

Poisonberry: Deliciously dangerous berry-purple with a violet glow.
Serpentina: Seductive deep green with a snake-like sheen.


(Lime Crime Alchemy Fantasy Palette Eye Shadow Palette Swatches : Incantation, Lucky Charm,  Love Potion #9,  Spellbound and Divination.)

Click Here to Order This Palette!


(Lime Crime Serpentina and Poisonberry Lipstick Swatches)

Available October 13 first thing at midnight EST exclusively through LimeCrimeMakeup.Com

Lime Crime's "Alchemy" Video Featuring Lola Blanc!

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Marilyn Monroe for MAC Collection Swatches and Review

(My Marilyn for MAC Collcetion haul)

FINALLY posting about this! I sadly was unable to snag the lipsticks or the beauty powder I was coveting (wow it went FAST!) I did manage to get the four eye shadows (How To Marry, Silver Screen, Showgirl and Preferred Blonde) and both blushes (Legendary and The Perfect Cheek). Along with the re-promoted falsies mascara!

(Marilyn For MAC deluxe Eye Shadow: Note these shadows are larger than the normal MAC eye shadow pots.)
(Marilyn Monroe for MAC: The Packaging! SO CUTE.)

What did you guys snag and WHAT DO YOU THINK?

Many people are saying they think this collection is way more about the packaging than the product.. Do you believe this? 

So curious!

The packaging is a big selling point. I am really happy to have been able to get anything honestly.. Even if I wish I could snatch up a couple of those lipsticks! :D


Marilyn Monroe For MAC Eye Shadow Swatches

(Marilyn Monroe for MAC Showgirl Eye Shadow)

(Marilyn Monroe for MAC Silver Screen Eye Shadow)

(Marilyn Monroe For MAC How To Marry Eye Shadow)

(Marilyn Monroe for MAC Preferred Blonde Eye Shadow)

(Marilyn Monroe For MAC Eye Shadow Swatches: Preferred Blonde, How To marry, Silver Screen and Showgirl.)

Cosmetic Company Store at Seattle Premium Outlets

(The Cosmetics Company Store at Seattle Premium Outlets)

OKAY. When I read about these stores a little while ago I couldn't believe they existed! Little  hidden corners where you can find those past MAC (and much MORE) collection's at an even cheaper price! Last year's holiday sets, pigment sets, random palettes from past collections, and even some of the shadows you will find right on the MAC shelves today!

I admit I was a little overwhelmed. MAC at 30% off! SAY WHAT. Not to mention all the Bobbi Brown, Clinique, Estee Lauder, and Smashbox!) I had read how so many people were disappointed at the selection: I was NOT. Maybe that is because I was told I would be. Not so. 

Here is what I snagged!
(My Make up Haul from CCO at Seattle Premium Outlets)

BOBBI BROWN: Black Ruby Sparkle Eye Palette
MAC: Holiday Snow globe Eye shadow Palette: Sulty
MAC: Quartz Fusion Shadow
 MAC: Sakura Blush (from Quite Cute Collection)
MAC: Miss Behave Bluch (from Quite Cute Collection)

I must say I am LOVING the Bobbi Brown palette! I honestly don't believe I have owned any Bobbi Brown before and well. This is beautiful. I wish the colors were slightly more pigmented (they go on sheer but pack on major SPARKLE SPARKLE!) 

Have you guys taken a trip to your nearest CCO? What did you snag? I can't wait to go back!