Friday, October 12, 2012

Lime Crime Limited Edition Alchemy Collection Review Available Now

(Limited Edition Lime Crime Alchemy Set Available til the end of OCTOBER! Only $49.99)

Lime Crime has released the new Alchemy Collection! When ordering this special limited edition collection (including the new Alchemy Palette and 2 brand new lipsticks!!) you are pretty much getting a lipstick FOR FREE. Plus this awesome lil' limited edition MOOK! Check it out and snag this before they're all gone! <3

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Quick review of Lime Crime Alchemy Collection

Yay! A quick review of the Lime Crime Alchemy collection. Though I haven't had the chance to play with the palette too much yet the colors swatched super smoothely and had intense pigmentation! The colors are different.. I own more makeup than any girl could ever need and I can honestly say I do not have a dupe for this amazing burnt orange! SO PRETTY! Poison Plum lipstick is just as beautiful as I imagined. I am quite pale but I still like the dramatic color. I may lighten it up a bit for everyday wear but.. It's gorgeous. I am not the type to wear anything out of the normal Nude/Red/Pink/Purple families of lip shades so Serpentina may not be an everyday wear for me. THOUGH it's beautiful and hs me dreaming of photo shoots and costumes I could use it with. Shimmery green goodness!

I also picked up the Sweet Antoinette Lip Stick Trio! Coquette is mine at last! and Great Pink Planet! two of the shades I could not wait to get. Though I already had Countessa Flouressant I opted to get the trio anyway. I do love the color, so didn't an extra (and only for a few dollars!)

Bottom line: if you love lime crime, you will not be let down. I believe this palette is great for fall and winter. The colors are a step away from the Lime Crime norm but it's a good step only in the way that it's offering more variety. I am a huge fan of all the other Lime Crime palettes and am glad I chose to also purchase this one. Be sure to snag the limited edition set before October is over! It's like getting a free lipstick and a discount on the other!

Get it, Get it! Great job once again LIME CRIME! :D


  1. Weird how the green lipstick seems a little blotchy from the photo and the purple one looks more like pink... ;___;

    1. Aww there is actually a lot of shimmer in the green and I think that is why it looked blotchy. Both apply smoothly like most of the lime crime lipsticks. :) Posion plum is a little pink but its a pinkish purple instead of the normal purpleish pink? If that makes sense haha. Way more purple than pink. :)