Thursday, August 30, 2012

Sugarpill Limited Edition Eye Shadow Review and Swatches

Sugarpill @#$%! Eye Shadow Review And Swatches!

I was so excited for this to arrive in the mail today! This limited edition eye shadow was available exclusively at IMATS LA.. Until now! Beautylish has the rest of them! You can get this shadow for FREE with purchase of the Sugarpill "Heart Breaker" Palette! Soo.. Now I am the proud owner of two Heart Breaker Palettes! Haha. Onto the swatches and look!

(The @#$%! shadow comes in special limited edition packaging!)

There has been a lot of comparison's between LOVE+ and the limited edition shade @#$%! Though the colors are similar the photo shows it all! (@#$%! has a lot of sparkle/shimmer and it shows! Love+ is a beautiful pinkish MATTE red. Both Gorgeous. :D

(@#$%! and LOVE+ Swatches)

A look I did using the @#$%! shadow along with: Bulletproof, Tako, ButterCupcake, and Flamepoint. I actually just purchased Bulletproof with this order and I wish I had ordered it sooner. It's the most perfect blendable matte black in the world. No, really. I know a lot of people swear by MAC'S carbon, and I am not hatin'.. But I've never had good results with carbon without a lot of work. Bulletproof just like all other Sugarpill Eye Shadows are super pigmented and easily blendable.

PRODUCT: 5/5 (You can't go wrong with Sugarpill)
PACKAGING: 5/5 (First time purchasing the single potted shadows, though I prefer palette form I love these too!)
WOULD I BUY AGAIN?: Fo' Real Doe. :D

Yeah Yeah. I love Sugarpill. If you haven't tried any of it yet, you should get on that! ;)

And remember if you want this special edition shadow you need to act fast and get on that BEAUTYLISH exclusive waiting list for the Sugarpill Boutique! They also have 5 styles of unreleased Sugarpill False Lashes! Get it, get it! ;)


Click Here  to buy yourself some SUGARPILL! :D

STILA Dream In Full Color Palette on SALE


I found this awesome Stila palette on sale at Nordstrom Rack a couple days ago! Only $9.75!! 29 Shadows and 7 Blushes!!

Crazy good!

Here is a photo and a look using the palette!

(stila dream in full color palette look)

Check your local Nordstrom Rack STAT to get this deal. So many great colors for fall! ;)

BH COSMETICS: Party Girl Palette


"This 40 Color BH Party Girl Eyeshadow Palette was made to fulfill the ultimate socialite's dreams. Whether you want to go for flirty or cosmopolitan, this makeup palette contains must-have shimmer & matte shades for double-taking beauty at your next big event."- BHCOSMETICS.COM

I recently purchased this palette (along with a few others from BHCOSMETICS.COM!) and am pretty impressed. I snagged it on sale for $8! (It's still on sale for only $11 through labor day!) 

Though I haven't used every color in the palette I swatched most! Pretty impressed with the quality, especially for the price! Crazy good!

Here is a LOOK using the BH Party Girl Palette!

(Makeup Look Using The BH Cosmetics Party Girl Palette!)

BH Cosmetics is having a big labor day sale with 11 palettes for only $11! Many 88 palette's as well as the party girl palette and one of my other favorites the 28 Neutral palette are all ONLY $11 through labor day! Snag this deal while you can! :) I'll try to post more look's using this palette as well as other BH Cosmetic Palette looks! :D

PRODUCT: 4.5/5* (Judging by the colors I've tested!)
PACKAGING: 5/5 (I love palette's that include all the colors you need for a look! Fast and easy application!)
WOULD I BUY AGAIN: Yes! But with the great color payoff and color choice.. I doubt I will need to! Certainly worth the price!

CLICK HERE To Purchase This Palette!


Wednesday, August 29, 2012

MAC By Request: Eye Shadows

MAC By Request: Eye Shadows

MAC let their fan's vote on their favorite discontinued Eye Shadow Shades and here are the winners! 

(MAC by Request Eye Shadows!)

GUACAMOLE: Light Green With Gold Pearl
JETÈ: Sandy Coral
MOTH BROWN: Soft Metallic Grey/Brown


(MAC By Request Eye Shadow Swatches! Jete, Guacamole and Moth Brown)

A Look!

(A look using all three MAC by Request Shadows!)

I felt the need to purchase these eyeshadows with all the hype surrounding them. The whole Limited Edition and hundreds of thousands of people voting on these shades (I was hoping for a revival of "Parrot" boo!) I think my whole personal regret of not purchasing Parrot back in the back played into it haha. These shadows are nice; don't get me wrong. They are just not my normal colors. They are easily everyday colors though. I imagined them being softer than they are. Maybe I am too much of a lover of brights or maybe I have been having too big of a love affair with budget brands these days.. Perhaps with my recent over-purchasing of shadows and current affection for Sugarpill and Lime Crime. If you are a big MAC lover than these might be a good investment for you! I DO love MAC, I swear! I own many MAC shadows and used to be a complete MAC loyalist! I have been trying to broaden my horizons a bit is all.


PRODUCT: 3/5 (Good with a nice base and a little work)
PACKAGING: 5/5 (I have always been a fan of the little MAC pots!)
WOULD I BUY AGAIN: Probably not. Eep. 

Click Here! ---> MAC COSMETICS But hurry! They are very limited. :)

Monday, August 27, 2012

Coastal Scents 88 Palette and 28 Neutral Palette Review and Looks

Coastal Scents 88 palettes!

I recently received my coastal scents haul consisting of the 88 metal mania palette, the 88 warm palette, the 88 shimmer palette, the 88 mirage palette and the 88 prism palette. I haven't used them all yet. But I am pretty fond of the warm palette and metal mania so far!

Here is a look I did using the Metal Mania palette!

I got the 28 neutral palette a little while ago and have had a little more time to use it. Here is a look I did using the 28 neutral palette!

Very simple, but very wearable! This palette is MOSTLY hit's which is so great. This palette was only $1 more than the price of 1 MAC shadow. (I love MAC, so I am not hating!) BUT.. 28 shadows that work well, in comparison to 1.. and ALL in one palette. I used to think too good to be true. Nope. It's just that good! haha.

I will add more photos and reviews as I continue to use the palettes. :D

You can order ALL of these palettes on AMAZON or the COASTAL SCENTS website. :)

BH Cosmetics SALE


For the next 48 hours ONLY get the 120 4th Edition palette PLUS liquid liner pen for only $15!! 

Time is also running out on their End Of Summer sale where ALL 120 palette's are only $18! I haven't tried BH cosmetics just yet but have heard many good things. I am a big Coastal Scents fan and its pretty much the same thing so I hear. I placed an order during the Party Girl palette being only $8 "steal-a-thon!" I am awaiting the arrival of that as well as a few other palettes. They always get me with the "Spend so much, get free shipping!" PLUS the deals are so good I couldn't resist!

I will be sure to review them on here once I get them and have a chance to play. Be sure to jump on over to BH COSMETICS to check out the sale while it is still going! :)

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Favorite Beauty On A Budget Beauty Products

I have been asked many time's what my favorite products are. I admit to (at one point) being a total brand snob but have since realized there is no point. There are some really, really great makeup brands out there that won't cost you an arm and a leg! I'll be honest I haven't branched into drugstore brands for EVERYTHING just yet. I am still married to MAKE UP FOREVER Smokey Lash Mascara. I'm not a huge lipstick or blush wearer so until I dabble more in those I will go with what I know. :)


Favorite Affordable Face Primer

ELF Mineral Infused Face Primer
(PRICE: $6)

I am pretty smitten with this primer. I tried it on a whim after running out of my MAC prep + prime! I, like many smart phone girls, googled it as I was standing indecisively in Target haha. it had better reviews that my MAC primer did! So for $6 I gave it a try. LOVE.

Favorite Affordable Eye Shadow Primer:

NYX White Shadow Base

(PRICE: $6-$8 depending where you purchase!)

I have been a Urban Decay Primer Potion girl for many years. I have been doing a lot of colorful looks again these days and wanted to try something that would make the color POP! This certainly does the trick! It works well with any shadows though; not just colorful ones. I haven't experienced any creasing and it seems to keep shadow/sparkle fallout to a minimum.


REVLON Colorstay Foundation In Ivory
(PRICE: $10)

I had heard a lot of girls rave about this foundation. It's been many years since I have strayed from my normal MAC studio fix. I was forced when the day came that I was too pale for any of their shades and my normal shade was making me look yellow. No good. Right before purchasing this I invested in Make Up Forever's HD foundation: which yes is pretty great. BUT I did decide to give this a try and I am glad that I did! It's a nice heavy coverage but it doesn't FEEL heavy. It really does stay on all day.


Elf Liquid Liner
(PRICE: $1)

Okay. This seemed too good to be true. A good liquid liner... FOR $1?! FO' REAL DOE?! No really. It dries quickly and doesn't flake. It's $1! I had been using (and still often do!) MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack so I thought I would snag this lil' ELF liner for $1 to practice my liquid liner skills. I was pretty stoked. I am hooked!

ELF Waterproof Eye Liner Pen
(PRICE: $1)

Same thing. FO' REAL DOE. I could ramble and ramble but this pen.. Dries fast, and stays put!

Blackheart Liquid Liner

(PRICE: $5)

Found exclusively at Hot Topic this liner has a slight shimmer to it. I like the brush and it's easy to apply. :)


Elf Eyeshadow

(PRICE: $10-$20 for the 100 color palette. $1 for single pans or quads at Target!)

I know, I know. ELF AGAIN. But it's honestly the best (and amazingly cheaply priced) drugstore brand out there. For many years it was only sold online but is now avaliable at Target and Walmart. I actually found this palette for $9.99 at Burlington Coat Factory! Big Lots also has been carrying some ELF products lately for GOOD prices.

Revlon Diamond Lust Shadows

(PRICE: $4-$5)

Super sparkly and the fallout is minimal. I have only purchased the Starry Pink but I am loving it enough that I feel the need to purchase the rest. When do I NOT feel the need to purchase makeup?! ANYWAY.

Coastal Scents 88 Palette's 
(PRICE: $16)

Over the years this is another palette that I assumed was WAY too good to be true. 88 shadows for about $16. Whatever. I passed so many times but with my whole ELF awakening I decided to give it a try. I am loving it! I actually purchased the rest of the 88 palettes and the Smokey eye palette during the $8.88 flash sale. They are supposed to arrive tomorrow. EEE. I also ordered some brushes. I will let you know how those are soon!

Sugarpill to have boutique on Beautylish

Okay guys. IDK if anyone else is nearly as excited that I am about Beautylish carrying the  limited edition shadow "@#$%!"

Many of you probably already know but for those who do not: this shadow was released only at this years IMATS in LA. So if you weren't lucky enough to be there it was assumed you were not getting your hands on it. I even peeked around on Ebay expecting them to pop up and I haven't seen one! 

Visit the cutest girl in the world's blog: Shrinkle to find out more. :)

P.S. There is a "guest list" so if you want a chance at this shadow you best sign up quick! <3

Wednesday, August 15, 2012


LIME CRIME is having a 24 hour flash sale! Use Coupon Code: "24Mermaids" to get 15% off all Fantasy Palettes, Uniliners and their amazing primer base! 

Those Magic Dust shadows are running out! 50% off all of those while they last. :)

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

New Sugarpill Palette "Sparkle Baby" Coming Soon

Sugarpill posted a photo to their instagram today of a look by ChaosMakeupArtist using two of the new shadows from their soon to be released "Sparkle Baby" palette. I remembered seeing this amazing post did of the new colors that were shown at IMATS LA. (GAH. I wish I had been there!) There are also photos of what will be the "Cold Chemistry" palette as well as 5 new Chromalust shadows!

CLICK HERE  to be redirected to PortaitOfMai's original blog post. (Thanks so much for posting this PortraitOfMai.Blogspot.Com!) 

CANNOT wait to get the new palettes!

Lime Crime Magic Dust SALE and SWATCHES

Lime Crime has decided to discontinue their Magic Dust!

I found it frustrating the lack of swatches out there for the Magic Dust! I couldn't decide to purchase them or not in the first place.. But going to enough blogs and googling like a mad woman I found swatches of most of them. 

I snagged what was left from their site when they went 40% off (they are not 50% off)!! Then decided I was on a quest to complete my collection while I still could! It probably balanced out honestly after having to hunt down the last 6 colors I didn't have. My orders were cancelled twice because they were out of stock from other sellers on Amazon and Ebay. I guess I was not the only one in a frantic mission to find them! I did snag two from a seller on Amazon, and the last 4 from Bloom.Com (which arrived today)! 

Here are the swatches!

I hope these help some of you who are still on the fence about making this purchase. :)

I am not sure what some people's issues were with them but they're pretty darn beautiful if you ask me! For $6.99 and 10 colors left on their site it's a STEAL.

Go get them. RIGHT MEOW.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Sprinkle inspired look using Sugarpill and Lime Crime Look

Tako, Acidberry, Poison Plum, Flamepoint, Buttercupcake, Velocity, Royal Sugar, Dollipop, Love +, 2am and Mochi.

Blue Milk, Orchidaceous, Lunar Sea and Citreuse Uniliners. Airborne Unicorn Lipstick. 

Sunday, August 12, 2012

My "Go-To" Look Tutorial

SUGARPILL: Swatches, Review and Looks

I recently completed my Sugarpill Palette collection. I suppose in my makeup nerdyness tonight I decided to swatch and review all the palette's as well as the 10 Chromalust shadow's I have! :)


FINALLY with the purchase of the Burning Heart Palette my collection is complete (Well PALETTE wise.. and this is until the new shadows are released. Which I am antsy antsy antsy to see!) I haven't used many of these colors yet as I just recieved it in the mail a few days ago but Poison Plum is gorgeous on and I am super excited to try the other's. 


The Sweetheart palette was the first Sugarpill palette I owned. My favorite's from this palette would have to be Dollipop and Tako. Tako is the most perfect staple matte white shadow a girl could ask for.. And with Dollipop.. Well.. I am a sucker for pink. What I love about all Sugarpill shadow's is how high the pigment concentration is. You barely tap your brush into the pan and BOOM! Crazy color payoff. Given you can tap your brush out, or blend a little Tako with the other colors to lighten them up. :)

A look using the "Sweetheart" Palette:


The Heartbreaker palette is the latest release from Sugarpill! Though I am totally in love with ALL of the Sugarpill palette's I feel that they have perfected their shadow consistency with this palette. There also seem's to be a little more shimmer in these colors than the past palette's which are mostly a matte finish. It's hard to choose a favorite from this palette because I honestly love them all. Mochi is the perfect mint-tinged teal I have been searching for! 2am blend's beautifully with so many colors and is probably the one I use the most from this palette. 

A look using the "Heartbreaker" Palette:


You all know already that I love Sugarpill. It's honestly probably my favorite brand out there. Not only is the product amazing but the packaging is perfect. I am one of those people who have to sit there with the mirror right up to their face to do their makeup. I can't stand at the bathroom mirror: it doesn't really work for me. Haha. So the fact that there are the palette's available (you can also purchase these shades separately for those individual shadow lovers out there!) with the mirror inside is perfect for me. ALSO check out the new re-vamped palette style seen on the Burning Heart Palette in the photos above! How cute is that?! Oh, and there is one more bonus! Amy (aka Shrinkle) the creator of Sugarpill is super sweet and actually take's the time to talk to her fan's on Instagram. Maybe I adore her even a little more because she is also a fashion designer (I majored in Apparel Design). Makeup and Fashion are my two major loves!


PACKAGING: 5/5 (in relation to my personal preference)

PRODUCT: 5/5 (Amazing color payoff!)

APPLICATION: 5/5 (Easy to apply, just remember to tap the brush lightly! A little goes a LONG way with Sugarpill!)

WOULD I BUY AGAIN: YES. Luckily the pan's are HUGE and you use so little that the palette's will last you forever! Tako is the only one at this point I worry about running out of. If they were to discontinue any of these color's I would undoubtedly buy backups!


I will admit that I am usually a little reluctant to purchase loose shadows. I have an abundance of MAC pigments that I rarely use (though I don't know why I don't. They're gorgeous!) but after seeing look's other's had created with the Chromalust loose shadows I had to give them a try. I first ordered Goldilux, Asylum, Royal Sugar, Stella and Tiara. I recently ordered Birthday Girl, Decora, Magentric, Paperdoll and Darling. 

Each of these shadows are super shimmery and can be put on lightly over another shadow to give off a light shimmer OR packed on to achieve a much brighter result. What I love about these shadows is the shimmer fallout is minimal. Given, this could also have something to do with using the right shadow base and application techniques (I have recently been using mostly the NYX white base and usually apply loose shadows and pigments with my fingertip. This is best for the pack-it-on look.) I do also dust them over my other shadows using a regular shadow brush. They are versatile and many people often wear them as liners! Amy/Shrinkle herself wears them all the time (Follow her on Instagram to check out her almost daily eye looks!) using a mixing medium (I really need to get my hand's on a real mixing medium!)

Among these shadows Stella is actually one of the biggest STAND OUT pigments because of the muli colored shimmer effect it has. Though a black base: the shimmer is multi colored and it ACTUALLY look's multicolored when applied. Goldilux is a perfect deep staple gold that is pretty much a MUST have. From the neutral girl to the bright eye girl.. It works!

The interesting thing about the packaging of these is that there is no sifter. Most of the time I actually love that there isn't a sifter. I am able to go ahead and grab the amount of pigment I need without having to shake it upside down first. The only downfall is I am clumsy and if I were to drop one of these it'd be DONE-ZO. 

Look using "Goldilux" and "Stella!" :


PACKAGING: 4.5/5 (Only because I am clumsy. But I also love that the jar's are open. As long as you are careful it's great!)

PRODUCT: 4.5/5 (I only knocked this down because it's an OVERALL rating. Most of these colors are to die for and even the ones that are super light (Paperdoll and Birthday Girl) are still gorgeous! They just take a little more work to get that color. I love pastel's too though! So they are perfect for the color loving girls who keep it a little more subtle.

APPLICATION: 4.5/5 (Generally pan shadows are easier for people to apply. I am not sure why: maybe it is just what we are used to? The versatility of these shadows outweighs though.

WOULD I BUY AGAIN? YES. But just like the palette's so little goes a long way that I doubt I ever will have to! And if I do.. It won't be anytime soon!

Okay, Okay. I know nearly all of my reviews are positive but I find it so much more fun to talk about the makeup I love than something I regret purchasing. If there is ever anything you guys WANT reviewed please let me know. If I haven't tried it, I will make an effort to! :)

Give Sugarpill a try, you won't regret it!

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Wanna Win Free Makeup?! Shannon Shortcake GIVEAWAY!

Wanna Win FREE Makeup?! 

I have been lucky enough to win a couple give away's recently and I thought I would do the same for others! I have put together two prize packs! One for the neutral lovers and one for the bright lovers! 

Entering is SUPER easy! There are TWO ways!

1.) Like Shannon Shortcake Makeup on FACEBOOK, find this photo on my page, and share it with your friends! 

2.) Follow me on Instagram (Shannon_Shortcake) and take a screen cap of this photo from my instagram (or any of my makeup photos) and tag Shannon_Shortcake ON the photo then  upload it with the tag's #ShannonShortcake as well as #ShannonShortcake1 if you prefer the neutral pack or #ShannonShortcake2 if you want the bright pack! Also, i'd love for you to tag me as well so I can see it! But not required.

One winner will be chosen at RANDOM from FACEBOOK and one from INSTAGRAM. You can enter on both to increase your chances!


Neutral Pack Includes: Elf Pen Liner in "Coffee"/Elf Eye Shadow Quad in "Butternut"/Warpaint beauty brown shimmery shadow (Warpaint is now a discontinued beauty brand!)/Warpaint Gold Shimmer Shadow/4 sets of natural false lashes.

Bright Pack Includes: Elf Pen Liner in "Black"/Elf Eye Shadow Quad in "Punk Funk"/Warpaint shadow in "Spanked"/Warpaint Green Shimmer Shadow/4 pairs of dramatic false lashes (two of which are SPARKLY!!)

*Contest ends next Thursday 8/17/12 at 11:59pm pst

Urban Decay Sale and Look!

I am sure you guys have heard about Urban Decay putting their "Vintage Shadows" on sale for $9 each on their website! If not, here to low down. Urban Decay reformulated and re-released all of their eye shadows! They also made it so you can create your own palette. I think the ability to create your own palette is something a lot of people love about MAC cosmetics. I have yet to try the new formula of Urban Decay shadows but I can vouch for their old formula! AMAZING. Beyond UD selling their single shadows on their website for $9 each they also have a TON of palette's on sale. As I debated ordering a few of them I stumbled upon MANY of them at Nordstrom Rack!

I feel like I am much more prone to buy if I can touch it and see it so.. Well.. There went my makeup budget (AGAIN. Ok. Truth be told I don't set a budget for Makeup but. I SHOULD.) ANYWAY. All of the Urban Palettes found on their website are also at the rack along with the vintage primer potion bottles (Why they changed this I am not sure. I LOVE the old applicator! I stoked up when they first went on sale!) 

My favorite thing I picked up was the Vegan Palette for only $12! 6 shadows and a mini primer potion! It's been a while since I have used Urban Decay (though I do own a ton of their products and the primer potions and 24/7 liners are a part of my daily makeup routine.) I forgot how smoothly they apply. I used shadows from the palette on the look below! For all products used visit my MAKEUPBEE look page!

Oh, and of course visit your local Nordstrom Rack for some sweet Urban Decay (and Smashbox!) deals! OR check it out online right here --> Urban Decay Sale!

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Click Here for this look on MAKEUPBEE! :)

Makeup Look Using Lime Crime's Magic Dust!

NYX: White Base
LIME CRIME: Magic Dust in Siren, Top Hattie, and Mirror Mirror 
URBAN DECAY: Perversion Liner


Sunday, August 5, 2012

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Makeup Looks Using My New Rockeresque Beauty Co. Shadows!

NYX White Base
Rockeresque "Hula Hoop"
Rockeresque "Tear Drop"
Rockeresque "Platinum Blonde"
MAC BlackTrack Fluidline
URBAN DECAY "Perversion" Eye Pencil
BENEFIT BrowZings in "Dark"

NYX White Base
Rockeresque "Platinum Blonde"
Rockeresque "Peppermint Gummy Bear"
Rockeresque "Zombie Ballerina"
Rockeresque "Icicle"
MAC Blacktrack Fluidline
URBAN DECAY "Perversion" Eye Pencil

Click the link below to order these shadows and SO many more!