Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Lime Crime "Magic Dust" Clearance SALE!!

Lime Crime's "Magic Dust" Goes 40% off!!

I totally just ordered the only 10 left in stock. 40% off?! I hope they are as lovely as some say because I have totally blown my makeup budget out of the water with this and the order I placed with SUGARPILL last night! Eeep!


Hurry! All colors are running super low! :)

I just found out I won one of the two bonus prizes in the random drawing from the Mermaid Aquataenia Contest. Pretty stoked on it! :D

If anyone has Medusa, Troubadour, Abracadabra, Nymph, Mischief Managed, or Dragon Scales that would be interested in trading something else for these colors. Please let me know! 

Monday, July 30, 2012

Rockeresque Beauty Co. Mailday and Swatches!

I returned home from my lengthy (for me) vacation from the east coast to find my lovely Rockeresque Beauty Co. package in the mailbox! 

How cute are these?!

I ordered a Sunshine Meltown Mini (attempting to get colors I don't really have.. Though I am only fooling myself. I really do have more reds, oranges, and yellows than any girl needs (jk. We need every single shade. Fo' real doe.) In the set of Mini's comes 5 samples for only $7! I received samples of: Hollywood, Jack-O-Lantern, Ruby Doo, Chicklet, and Fear Of Sleep. I got a BONUS sample of "Icicle."

 I ordered full size jars of: Platinum Blonde, Peppermint Gummy Bear, Zombie Ballerina, Gingerbread Cookie, Hula Hoop and Tear Drop. 

I was really impressed with how the Makeup was packaged! I have ordered loose shadows from some other Indie Makeup brands in the past and they weren't sealed like this. They also had easily removable stickers over the top of the sifters. This was really nice because it didn't create a big ol' mess when I opened them to swatch. Which has happened to me before with other brands.


(All colors are swatched over a thin layer of NYX's White Shadow base)

They are super shimmer and glide on easily as anticipated. I haven't done any look's yet (slightly jet jagged from the trip) but knowing me I will feel the urge to really play with them before the night is over. Super excited to try them all. I've heard so much about "Peppermint Gummy Bear" I cannot wait to try it for myself.

I won't jump onto the rating scale just yet as I haven't worn them through a day of work or anything like that yet. But at this point SUPER impressed and already antsy to try more colors! 

The customer service they provide is lovely as well. A hand written Hello Kitty note, and the Minnie's come in a polka dotted box. Couldn't be any cuter!

From what I have heard and now seen from myself I don't expect to be disappointed.

Be sure to check them out!


Photo's of my look's using my new Rockeresque shadows will be posted to my FACEBOOK and Instagram (Shannon_Shortcake) first but I promise to post them here as well. I have also jumped on the TUMBLR bandwagon as well. Let's hope I can keep all these up! Haha. Facebook, Instagram, and this blog will be my main outlets. With Randomness on MAKEUPBEE and Pinterest as well. :)


Friday, July 20, 2012

Lime Crime Aquataenia Mermaid Contest!

Yeah Yeah.. Another entry. All makeup used in this look is LIME CRIME. The lace is also tinted with Lime Crime shadows. I also made the Mermaid Bra last night. Hi. I am a nerd. :D

Gotta put that Fashion Degree to some use! :)

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Coastal Scents "Original 88 Palette"

So for many, many years I was a complete makeup brand snob. Nothing but MAC or Urban Decay. I believe it had to be a mix of Elf Cosmetics and a random palette I bought at Claire's of all places to wake me up. Once I realized there was so much more out there I remembered how much I had heard over the years about this palette. I know that people say that BH Cosmetics and Coastal Scents are pretty much the exact same thing. The types of palette's they carry vary but they both have a few of the "same" 88 palettes. I started with the original 88. I only really went with Coastal Scents because it's the brand I was so used to hearing. I did see the amazing Queen Of Blending use their Neutral 88 palette and I must say it looked GORGEOUS. Though.. Anything she does look's gorgeous. ANYWAY. 

Here is what the Palette looks like:

Monday, July 16, 2012

Rockeresque Beauty Company FLASH SALE!

Happening now! I just ordered my 6 plus a set of mini's! Cannot wait to try them! :)

Check out their website HERE and their FACEBOOK HERE! :)

ALSO I heard about this beauty company from the gorgeous Miss. Jessie Blush! Check out her facebook and Beautylish for some inspiring looks! :)

Lime Crime Hosting (Aquataenia Mermaid Inspired Looks) Contest!

Check Check Check It Out! 

Lime Crime is hosting a contest inspired by their NEW Aquataenia Palette! You will learn this about me in the months to come I am a litttttle obsessed with Halloween and Costume Makeup! I am sharing my first look I am entering into the contest. Kinda a wing-it look! I used all the colors in the new palette as well as Parasol and Jade-o-Lade from the China Doll Palette! I also used their AMAZING Eyeshadow Helper! and yes.. Those are lace scales! haha. :)

Make sure to go like my FACEBOOK! 

Wanna find your inner MERMAID?! Click Here For Details!

Monday, July 9, 2012

Review and First Look Using The New Lime Crime Aquataenia Palette!

Lime Crime's Aquataenia Palette!

It is now in my hands! I am a happy lady!

Oh Lime Crime.. You are SO good at not disappointing me! The colors are beautiful! This palette is different than the other two Fantasy Palette's Lime Crime has released as EVERY color has a shimmery pearl sheen. When many people first saw this palette they thought the colors looked somewhat similar to Sugarpill's newest "Heartbreaker" Palette but as Lime Crime does pastels SO well. They are nothing alike. When I get time to swatch them side by side I will post it up on here! Sugarpill is where I go for BRIGHT BRIGHT shades.. Lime Crime bring mostly Pastels that can be layered easily to appear brighter. 


Gorgeous color payoff right?!

My Mermaid Inspired Look!

What was also nice to see when opening the box was a FREE mini "Eyeshadow helper" sample! I hadn't yet tried the Lime Crime exclusive primer as I am a little newer to Lime Crime than most (though, it was love at first swatch!) I also purchased a couple MORE of their Uniliners (LOVE!). It's so hard to find liquid liners in bright pastels OR a good WHITE liner. Look no further than WWW.LIMECRIMEMAKEUP.COM! :)

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Fourth Of July Themed Makeup!

My lovely friend Heather requested I do a Fourth of July themed look.. Here it is! Using (Mostly) Sugarpill's "Tako" and Lime Crime's "Fly Dragon Fly." 

New Lime Crime Palette "AQUATAENIA"

Only a couple more days til you are able to order the new AQUATAENIA Palette from Lime Crime! Unless you were one of the lucky few who made it to IMATS this year! (I wish I was! Going to try my best to make it best year I can tell ya that!)

Here are some swatches posted by Lime Crime to their FACEBOOK page! If you haven't tried any of their Fantasy Palettes yet you are missing out! I can't wait to order this one. Looks beautiful!

Monday, July 2, 2012



Totally new at tutorials.. Eep.

1.) Prime the lid with your favorite primer. In this case I used NYX's white base. (Blackheart also has their own primer that I haven't tried yet. That would be a good option too! EVERYTHING in this look (minus the false lashes) can be purchased from Blackheart.

2.) Smudge a little of the "White Frost" shadow on the inner corner of your lid.

3.) Add the pink "Mega Crush" shadow from the middle of the lid to the outer corner.

4.) Use the Blackheart Wing Tipped Pencil Liner to create the cut crease (or any shape you desire really!) smudging it in slightly towards the middle of your lid as pictured below.

5.) Apply the "Black the F**K up" shadow to the outer corner and blend inward. Then use softly blend the "Burnout" shadow over the cut crease line. 

6.) Apply "White Noise" to the highlight (brow bone right under your eyebrow).

7.) Use the Blackheart "Diamond Night" liquid liner along lash line a creating a wing tip at the outer corner of the eye. (Classic Pin-Up Style Liquid Liner!).

8.) Line the lower eye with the Blackheart "Wicked Night" wing tip pencil liner- then blend "Burnout" over the top, smudging slightly.

9.) Add a white liner to the inner corner of your eye (Blackheart has one called "White Lies")

10.) Add a little more "White Noise" shadow over the white pencil.

11.) Add False Lashes (if desired).

12.) Add Blackheart "Fool Proof" mascara to blend your natural lashes with the false ones. :)

DONE! :)

Close up's of the four shadows used in this look! :)

Blackheart Beauty Swatches!

Blackheart Beauty is a VEGAN beauty line available exclusively at Hot Topic! 

Here are swatches and names of the 8 shimmery shadows put out recently by Hot Topic. They're only $5 for 2.3g of shimmery goodness! (Nicely sized in comparaison to most other shadow brands.)

Snow White Inspired Makeup Look!

Facebook and Instagram FAVORITE:

Out of all the looks I have done this one seems to get the most responses no matter where it is posted! Just thought I would share it here. :)

(Products Used Listed On MAKEUPBEE)

Sugarpill HeartBreaker Palette REVIEW!

Oh Sugarpill. It's TRUE LOVE.

I have been a fan of SUGARPILL for a while now. I first purchased their SweetHeart Palette and I must say this has become a staple palette for me. I use the shadow "Tako" nearly every single day. I also adore "Dollipop" beyond no other. It's an amazing mid tone pink. LOVE. ANYWAY. 


They recently launched the HeartBreaker Palette. I have been searching for ages for a great aqua color. "Mochi" fits the bill nicely. It's slightly darker than anticipated but over the right base (try NYX eyeshadow base in white.) It is perfection. I can't get enough of the purple shade called "2 a.m." "Velocity" is a staple electric blue and then there is "Acid Berry" like no other bright green shadow out there! Pretty much in love.. All over again?! 


(Using ALL colors from the HeartBreaker Palette)

(Using 2 a.m. as well as Sugarpill's Tako and Dollipop!)

(Using 2 a.m once more as well as Velocity and Mochi!)

(For a list of products used: Check out this look on MAKEUPBEE)

(Check out this LOOK on MAKEUPBEE : Includes a list of all products used!)