Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Urban Decay Sale and Haul

(Urban Decay Hot Pants and Woodstock Eyeshadow and Apocolypse, Gash, Pistol and Confession Lipstick Swatches)

Lipsticks on sale for only $3!!
Vintage Shadows on sale for only $6 on UrbanDecay.Com and Sephora.Com!

(How my Urban Decay Vice Palette Arrived)

I was hoping to do a quick review and swatch session tonight but am going to wait to see what Urban Decay says about replacing or exchanging this palette. SO SAD. There was gold dust everywhere! Like a pixie has exploded haha. it was really pretty gold dust at least!

<3urban d

Lime Crime Alchemy Press Release and Color Reveal

ALCHEMY: A spellbinding collection from Lime Crime

ALCHEMY: A powerful addition to your repertoire of charms…

October 13th, Lime Crime will release a makeup collection unlike any other. Inspired by the swirling transmutations of an alchemist’s potion, ALCHEMY will materialize at midnight in the form of an eyeshadow palette, two lipsticks and a “mook”. Five duochromatic eyeshadows, shifting from one color to another depending on the angle, are a first for Lime Crime. Lipsticks, while retaining the same color-intense formula the brand is known for, will boast a lustrous finish reminiscent of the skin of a wet snake: also a first. Rounding out the concoction is the Alchemy “mook”: a collectible, limited-edition magazine/book featuring a magical photostory with a bonus section of ‘Beauty Potions’ for every practitioner’s fancy.

The face of the collection is the bewitching songstress and style icon, Lola Blanc.

Incantation: Metallic copper with fiery sparks.
Lucky Charm: Forest green/firefly green shift.
Love Potion #9: Purple/mint shift.
Spellbound: White/gold shift.
Divination: Slate blue/peacock shift.

Poisonberry: Deliciously dangerous berry-purple with a violet glow.
Serpentina: Seductive deep green with a snake-like sheen.


(Lime Crime Alchemy Fantasy Palette Eye Shadow Palette Swatches : Incantation, Lucky Charm,  Love Potion #9,  Spellbound and Divination.)

Click Here to Order This Palette!


(Lime Crime Serpentina and Poisonberry Lipstick Swatches)

Available October 13 first thing at midnight EST exclusively through LimeCrimeMakeup.Com

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Sneak Peek at New Sugarpill Palette Cold Chemistry

(Sneak Peek at the NEW Sugarpill Cosmetics "Cold Chemistry")

Are you guys as excited as I am? Cannot wait to snag this! I love the new case shape! (though I love the signature Sugarpill palette shape. I use the mirror's in them everyday to do my makeup! Haha.)

Wanna see swatches?! I wish I had some to show you myself but lucky us Miss. Portrait of Mai was at IMATS to preview this new palette!!

Click here to check out Swatches on Portrait Of Mai's Blog!


Click Here To Shop Sugarpill!

Saturday, September 22, 2012

Best False Eyelash Adhesive

Best False Eyelash Adhesives!

I have made it clear I am a false eye lash wearing girl on this blog! I LOVE them. I have worn them on and off for years (and recently can't stop wearing them..) So I have been around the.. Lash glue block?

For a couple years there I had heard so much talk about Duo Glue (Now found everywhere from MAC stores to Target!) and kinda brushed it off because of Lash Grip being a cheaper price and it seemed to work fine.. Well. UNTIL I tried Duo.. 

So I'll keep this simple..

(#1 best eyelash adhesive)

Duo is now available pretty much EVERYWHERE (even Nordstrom Rack!) and though it is usually priced higher than it's competitors there is a reason: it really just works better. In my opinion anyway. It dries faster, it stays put longer, it holds tight (though! Careful not to apply TOO much.. You may pull an eye lash or two out! A thin line is all you need!) Especially for beginners this would be the way to go. Though.. There are some pro's about my #2 pick that Duo does not have..


I was excited to see that Eylure now sells an eye lash glue (maybe I am behind the times.. but when I tried finding it for purchase anywhere other than inside a pack of their lashes I had zero luck!) Even now it appears its only being sold in the UK? I need to research a little more.. ANYWAY. I tried Eyelure's eyelash adhesive when I had purchased a pair of the Katy Perry Lashes (in style "Oh my!" Love them!) and the awesome part about their adheisve design is there is a little stick attached to the cap of the glue.. Therefore making it SUPER easy to apply the glue to the lash line of the false lashes. The hold is GOOD. It dries faster than lash grip, but slower than duo. It's solidly in the middle here. :)

I grew up using this lash adhesive! It's always been sold at Walmart and target. I love ardell lashes and started out wearing ONLY Ardell lashes.. Therefore the fit seemed right. I thought it was great (until I ventured out) and it is. Not to hate on it: it gets the job done. BUT it dries much slower than Duo and doesn't hold as well as Duo or Eylure. If it's all your can find: it will work.

Here is the low down: If you don't mind spending the extra $1 or $2 on your lash glue DUO is the way to go. It's even available in black now! This makes it easier for it to blend with the lashes and your lash line. Since I am new to duo I have only tried the clear but am antsy to try the black based one.

These are just my rambles on lash glue. I have been asked multiple times which I thought was best so I thought I would throw it out there. You may disagree and it's all good. BUT I hope this helps someone. :) I wish I had just gone with Duo to begin with! Nothing is worse than havin' your false lashes fallin' off all wonky like! Haha! Okay many things are worse but when it comes to a makeup fail.. It's my pet peeve! 

Do you have a favorite eye lash adhesive NOT listed here? Please share! :D

Lime Crime Lipstick Review

(Some of my new Lime Crime Lipsticks!)

When I won one of the bonus prizes from the Aquataenia Mermaid Makeup Contest I received one of Lime Crime's lipsticks in the shade Airborne Unicorn. I have never been HUGE on lip products. To be honest.. Most lipsticks or Lipglosses left my lips feeling.. Sweaty? Haha. That sounds gross but it's true. It's an unpleasant feeling. BUT! I had heard so many great things about Lime Crime's Lipsticks that I was pretty excited to try it.


FINALLY! A lipstick that doesn't drive me crazy and is available in nearly every color you could possibly ask for! They have a opaque matte finish which is perfect. You can always gloss up a matte finish but it's hard to matte a glossy finish. I hope that makes sense haha. The point is: they smell nice, the color is beautiful, and they have staying power. What else could you want in a lipstick?! 

The colors I have tried are: Airborne Unicorn, Glamour 101, Retrofuturist, Centrifuschia, and Countessa Florescent. 

(Lime Crime Lipstick Swatchs: Glamour 101, Retrofuturist, Airborne Unicorn, Countessa Flourescent, and Centrifuchia)

(Lime Crime Lipstick Swatches: Glamour 101 and Retrofuturist)

(Lime Crime Lipstick Swatches: Airborne Unicorn, Countessa Glourescent and Centrifuchsia)

The Colors I can't wait to get: Great Pink Planet, Coquette and Cosmopop! Luckily the lipsticks are getting back in stock! As soon as Coquette is back I plan to make an order! 

Another cool thing LIME CRIME  has done for us is put together a Visual Lipstick Guide. With so many color options: How do you know which one is right for you?! Well just check it out right here!  

(Lime Crime Lipstick Visual Lipstick Guide)
I am pretty happy to be pale right meow. Though.. I am still lusting after Great Pink Planet. I plan on cheating the guide a little as it's too perfect of a baby pink not to own!

I am wondering.. What are YOUR favorite shades of Lime Crime's lipsticks? 

and what are your favorite Lime Crime products?

OH and FYI.. There are still a few shades of the Lime Crime MAGIC DUST left to snag at 50% off!! Get over there right meow!

New Lime Crime Palette ALCHEMY To Be Released October 13th

New Lime Crime Palette!

(New Lime Crime Palette Alchemy)

Oh yes! The time has come again! Lime Crime has announced they are releasing a brand new palette October 13th! The colors are yet to be released but! There are a couple teasers out there..

1.) The Lovely Miss. Doe Deere posted a photo of herself wearing the New Lipstick Color "Poison Berry" on her instagram (@limecrimemakeup)

(New Lime Crime Lipstick Poison Berry from Alchemy Collection!)

2.) The new cover photo on Lime Crime's Facebook shows a GORGEOUS green shadow!

              3.) This photo was also posted to Lime Crime's Instagram! Gives you a feel for what might be in store for Alchemy!

Are you as antsy as I am?!


Check out some of Lime Crime's other lovely makeup in the mean time.. They also post news to their website. I promise to relay the info as soon as I get it! I am not an affiliate for Lime Crime (SO happy to be able to promote one of my favorite makeup companies just a little more!) So please click HERE so they know exactly who sent you! It would mean a lot. :D 

You can also click any of the ad's on the sides of my blog! By making your purchases with Lime Crime through that link you are supporting this blog which will help keep it going! :)


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Makeup Look Using Urban Decay's Naked 2 Palette and Review Plus New Vice Palette Info

Makeup Look Using Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette and Hot Topic False Lashes

Urban Decay's Naked 2 palette

I could ramble on about the loveliness of this palette but I feel as though it is pointless.
Just as Naked (The original) pleased me so.. This one has not been a let down. Though I have recently found the joys of more budget friendly options such as the Coastal Scents of BH Cosmetics 28 neutral palette's I can still appreciate the beauty and quality of the Original player in the Naked Palette game: Urban Decay.

Urban Decay as a whole has yet to be a let down at all. I could list many other cosmetic company names that I usually first research a certain shadow or product before purchasing because so many are hit and miss. Even companies price and "quality" comparable to Urban Decay. As I am reunited with my somewhat recent distant love.. I realize why I fell in the first place. You ALWAYS know what you are getting when it comes to Urban shadows. They are always smooth in application.. and nicely pigmented. Overall HIGH quality. You get what you pay for and maybe even a little more.

This palette comes with a mini lip gloss and a duel ended shadow and blending brush. I love the shadow brush that came with the first naked palette and I love this brush as well. Such a great bonus!

I could ramble for forever about this palette and UD as a whole but I will spare you and just chalk it down to GET IT. It's worth the $50. You can create a very natural look for everyday or go a little bolder and create a whole array of smokey eye's.

This has become a cult favorite and I understand why. I truly view it as a staple.

WHILE we are on the subject of Urban Decay.. What about that VICE palette!?
Urban Decay's New Vice Palette: Photo from UrbanDecay.Com

This new Urban Decay palette features 20 BRAND NEW and never before seen shades! What's awesome about this palette is it contains Shimmers, mattes, satins neutrals and brights! I am thinking this may be the go-to palette for the more color loving girls. It's current street date is September 27th.. You can, however, order it right now on UrbanDecay.Com! It comes with free shipping and they always send a couple free samples too. PLUS they have some INSANE SALE items going on! I ordered two of the vintage shadows (original shadow formula, only $6 each) and 4 of the clearance lipsticks ($3!! SERIOUSLY.) I am pretty excited for all of this to arrive.

There are a few beauty bloggers out there that were lucky enough to get this palette early. The reviews are all positive. It comes with a duel ended brush AND mirror inside the palette. It also features an array of shades so you can do multiple looks using JUST the shadows from the palette. No fumbling for other single shadows if you are in a hurry. My key to a well put together palette is

1.) Include a mirror and is easily hand held
2.) Comes with a color light enough for highlight and a color dark enough to create a smokey eye.
3.) Bonus of a all in one brush!

I cannot wait to get it and believe me.. I will review it as soon as it arrives!

Any of you guys snag this palette already?!

I cannot wait! ;)


P.S. Totally forgot to talk about the Hot Topic lashes! Newly in and loving them! They give you that huge dramatic Halloween-esque look without the super heavy band. Most lashes that look like this come with a THICK band. Love, love, love them. You can find them on HotTopic.Com or in most stores. $6.50 per pair but worth it.. You can easily get multiple wears out of them. :)

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Sugarpill ChromaLust Shadow Swatches and Must Haves

Sugarpill ChromaLust Loose Eyeshadow Swatches

I have finally completed my ChromaLust collection (For now.. word is there shall me some new shadows released in the months to come!) and thought I would swatch them all together for you guys! 

(Sugarpill Chromalust Loose Eyeshadow Swatches)

The first 5 shades I ordered were Goldilux, Royal Sugar, Tiara, Asylum and Stella. I think my first order was a good choice and would probably name those 5 my MUST HAVE colors. THOUGH I am a hugeeee lover of pinks (my second order consisted of Birthday Girl, Decora,   Magnetric, Paperdoll and Darling.. and Third I grabbed the last eight being Lumi, Magpie, Tipsy, Absinthe, June Bug, Starling, Weekender and Hysteric.)


Royal Sugar:Striking bright blue with a heavenly burst of turquoise diamonds. The perfect hooker blue for a sweet girl like you

Darling: Stunning teal loaded with iridescent turquoise star bursts.

Tiara:Brilliant, highly-reflective metallic silver with maximum shock value shine. The micro-fine particles are super tiny, so this looks amazing sprinkled all over as body shimmer too.

Goldilux: Brilliant, highly-reflective metallic gold with breathtaking shine. The brightest gold you’ve ever seen. The micro-fine particles are super tiny, so this looks amazing sprinkled all over as body shimmer too.

Asylum: Shiny sexpot red with dramatic sparkle

Birthday Girl:Sweet princess pink with iridescent fuchsia sparkles

June Bug:Luxurious forest green with a burst of diamonds

Starling:Vibrant, metallic turquoise with intense sheen

Absinthe:A mischievous vivid lime green with yellow undertones. Shimmery!

Paper Doll:Lovely lavender with dazzling shimmer and sparkle.

Stella:The blackest of jet blacks, bursting with rainbow diamond sparkle.

Weekender:Metallic blue-violet with intense sparkle and sheen.

Tipsy:High-shimmer true grass green.

MagPie:Dramatic silky black with metallic blue sheen and turquoise sparkles. Seductive smoky eyes with a twist.

Hysteric: Metallic purple with turquoise sparkles and luminous flashes of green.

Lumi:Snow white with turquoise sheen and flashing bursts of blue and green. When worn over a dark base, this complex white transforms itself into your new favorite blue eye shadow.

Magnetric: Metallic deep magenta with a dazzling turquoise sheen

Decora: Delicious hot pink with iridescent bursts of green

As far as loose shadows go these have got to be my favorite! If you are going to just check then out. I suggest starting with Goldilux, Stella, Tiara and Lumi. They are all very basic but brilliant at the same time. Royal Sugar is the best Royal Blue I have yet to find (believe me.. I have tried many!)

To check these our or to order yourself some click here --> Shop Sugarpill! or click one of the banners on the side or footer of the blog!

You will not be disappointed. :)

Makeupbee featured Shannon Shortcake on TWITTER

MB Shannon:"Fashion Design School Graduate/Make-Up Enthusiast/Animal Loving/Musically Devoted... Much More!" Her Blog: -- The Makeupbee (@makeupbee)

Best Zombie Makeup Ever

Click here to vote for Michelle!!

Gingerbread Cookie Look Using Rockeresque Beauty Co Shadows

Gingerbread Cookie Look Using Rockeresque Beauty Co Shadows

Click Here to see Products Used on MAKEUPBEE!

Visit Rockeresque.Com To Purchase Products Used!

Wicked Witch Makeup Look Using Rockeresque Beauty Co Shadows

Wicked Witch inspired Look Using Rockeresque Beauty Co. Shadows!

Click Here To See Products Used On MAKEUPBEE!
Visit Rockeresque.Com To Purchase these Shadows!

ULTA Film Noir 12 Piece Palette

Ulta's Film Noir 12 Piece Palette

Today I made my first Ulta Brand Purchase. Something about the catch phrase of this palette got me! "Vintage Hollywood Glamour Goes To The Dark Side With Smoldering Smoky Eyes."  AND for $12.99? SOLD.

(Ulta Film Noir Palette)

The palette comes with some instructions to create some staple smokey eye looks. Always a plus for makeup beginners and sometimes a bonus for makeup lovers who may catch a look or technique they haven't tried in a while.

(Ulta Film Noir Palette)

In the palette you get 9 Eye Shadows, 1 Blush, 1 gloss, 1 mini eyeliner, a blush applicator and a duel ended lip and eye shadow applicator. Pretty good deal if you ask me!

(Ulta Film Noir Swatches)

Though I haven't done a look with these shadows yet I was pleased with the swatches. My only complaint is they kind of crumbled while being swatched. I am going to assume fallout will be a small problem. I usually opt to use an old school shadow applicator over brushes when there are signs of fall out. Packing it on then blending with a brush usually fixed this problem. :)

PRODUCT: 4/5 (Some fallout, but swatches are smooth and gorgeous!)

PACKAGING: 4/5 (While I do love palettes, it's always awkward when there is an open lip gloss pot. I most likely will leave the plastic over it.)

PRICE: 5/5 ($12.99 for all of this? A steal. It makes the less pleasing parts of the palette workable!)


(Makeup Look using Film Noir by Ulta Palette)

Colors Used: Gold Leaf, Sapphire, Glamazon and Silk. 

Friday, September 14, 2012

Where To Find Good but Affordable False Lashes

Where to find (GOOD) but Cheap false eye lashes?!

Oh girl you don't even know. I am sort of a lash horder. It's bad. I have always been obsessed with long lashes and have always wanted doll-like eyes. I, like most girls, started with the drugstore brand lashes (Ardell, Salon Perfect, etc) until one day while googling false lashes I came across my first lash haven!

Each box contain's 10 pairs of lashes (I was way stoked on this back then.. and still am!)

If you buy three boxes you get FREE shipping, if you buy four boxes you get a fifth for free! (Given they get to choose the lashes for you *most of the time*)

Though they are affordable they are packaged well. Some need trimming but are only tacked down on the outside edges to the boxes. (Some cheap lashes come with a ton of gross glue that you have to take the time to peal off.)

Out of all the lashes I have purchased when it comes down to the best QUALITY and PRICE BALANCE this is it. When I first started purchasing Model 21 lashes they were all about $8 a box. Over the past few years prices have gone up a bit with new styles, and packaging. 

BONUS: They often send out 15% off coupon codes too!

Lucky me (and you!) my three favorite styles remain pretty nicely priced:

$8.15 (box of 10 pairs)

$14.95 (box of 10 pairs)

and my all time favorite..

$8.95 (box of 10 pairs)

Amazon is a GREAT place to find cheap false lashes. Many ebay sellers have switches over to amazon and I am HAPPY about this. Something about ordering from amazon just feels much more secure. I KNOW I will get what I pay for. At first it seems too good to be true "20 pairs of lashes for $3.99!" and see it is true.. Then factor in shipping and the price goes up a little bit. I find the best approach is to buy a bunch from one seller as they usually combine shipping. I have ordered multiple times from the seller: CrazyCart. I end up paying about 50%+ shipping but the lashes are so cheap I still end up getting roughly 120 pairs for $50. SRSLY. Our of all that I have ordered from CrazyCart.. Here are my favorites..

$2.39 (+$3.98 shipping for 10 pairs)

$3.99 (+$3.98 shipping for 20 pairs)

$2.99 (+3.98 for 10 pairs)

NOTE: This seller combines shipping. I believe it's $3.98 + $1 per additional item. This makes a huge difference!

I know many people are anti-walmart. I admit, it is not my favorite place to go but if you are in need of some false lashes STAT this is your golden ticket. I would equate their Salon Perfect lashes with Ardell when it comes to quality and they're a couple dollars less (usually $2.98 I believe.)

$4.98 (for starter kit, $2.98 for lashes alone)

I hope this helps guys!

There are your best options for Cheap, Cheap Cheap, and CHEAP CHEAP CHEAP! Haha.

Once you get the hang of applying false lashes though you can make pretty much anything work. I have grown to feel the need for all sorts of lashes (hense my HUGE lash stash!) Sometimes I want to wear natural looking ones and somedays.. Okay MOST days I want GIANT lashes. Cheap can be okay in this point.

Model 21 lashes are the perfect balance because they are NICE quality (easy to get multiple wears out of each pair), are oversized so I never have to trim down, aren't caked with glue are lightweight but LONG so they are natural yet noticeable and are of course: affordable.


Many have asked for a video tutorial on this and I haven't been able to make one just yet. So for now I am going to share with your the amazing blog post that taught ME how to apply false lashes years ago from my favorite blogger Vanessa of NessasaryMakeup.Blogspot.Com!

My personal approach is to trim if needed so they are the right length for my lash line (in the beginning I was convinced they would fall apart.. I had many issues haha.) then apply a thin layer of clue along both the false lash lines.. Apply mascara. Gently apply the lashes once at a time of course: using tweezers. It sounds weird but it really DOES work. There are actually rounded tweezers out there that are MADE for applying false lashes. The lash applicators in starter kits never works well for me. Let dry, and apply more mascara to further blend the lashes. The first coat helps the lashes stand evenly. I noticed when I skipped that step sometimes one eye my lashes would be perfect and the others would droop haha. Total wonk eye!

Anyway. Again, I hope this helps someone. I heard of another good seller but have YET to order lashes from them. If they are good, I will post it here FOR SURE!

A major shout out to Miss. Vanessa for being my first favorite make up blog. I learned many things from reading her blog. She's a busy lady these days so she doesn't blog too much anymore: BUT! Her blog is still up and there is a lot of great info on there. Do check it out!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Leopard Print Makeup Look

MAC Cosmetics Glamourdaze 2012 Holiday Collection Preview

 MAC Limited Edition Holiday 2012 "Glamourdaze" Collection Preview

(MAC 2012 Holiday Collection "Glamourdaze" Promo Photo)

How cute is this?! I am always a sucker for the adorable holiday sets that MAC puts out every year. These seem to be the most adorable yet though. I may be biased because I adore leopard print, pastels and bows.. Eep. Onto the photos! 

(MAC Glamourdaze Collection: Holiday 2012)

RELEASE DATE: November 6th, 2012

(MAC Holiday 2012 Glamourdaze Pigment Sets!)

(MAC 2012 Holiday Glamourdaze Brush Sets!)


More PHOTO'S and SWATCHES to be found  here --->! :)