Saturday, October 6, 2012

Marilyn Monroe for MAC Collection Swatches and Review

(My Marilyn for MAC Collcetion haul)

FINALLY posting about this! I sadly was unable to snag the lipsticks or the beauty powder I was coveting (wow it went FAST!) I did manage to get the four eye shadows (How To Marry, Silver Screen, Showgirl and Preferred Blonde) and both blushes (Legendary and The Perfect Cheek). Along with the re-promoted falsies mascara!

(Marilyn For MAC deluxe Eye Shadow: Note these shadows are larger than the normal MAC eye shadow pots.)
(Marilyn Monroe for MAC: The Packaging! SO CUTE.)

What did you guys snag and WHAT DO YOU THINK?

Many people are saying they think this collection is way more about the packaging than the product.. Do you believe this? 

So curious!

The packaging is a big selling point. I am really happy to have been able to get anything honestly.. Even if I wish I could snatch up a couple of those lipsticks! :D


Marilyn Monroe For MAC Eye Shadow Swatches

(Marilyn Monroe for MAC Showgirl Eye Shadow)

(Marilyn Monroe for MAC Silver Screen Eye Shadow)

(Marilyn Monroe For MAC How To Marry Eye Shadow)

(Marilyn Monroe for MAC Preferred Blonde Eye Shadow)

(Marilyn Monroe For MAC Eye Shadow Swatches: Preferred Blonde, How To marry, Silver Screen and Showgirl.)

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