Sunday, July 1, 2012

Ben Nye Lumiere Grande Palette REVIEW!

One of my birthday gifts to myself was this gorgeous palette! I've wanted this for years and finally made myself order it! BEN NYE'S "Lumiere Grande Colour Palette." Many of you I am sure know Ben Nye is usually considered "costume makeup." Hense the other day I had to travel to a costume shop to get my hands on some! It reminded me how amazingly pigmented the colors are. Swatches are done over a light layer of Urban Decay Primer Potion in "Eden." I found this on but it was sold from an outside seller Clown Antics. Again.. The most common place you'll find this palette is Clown websites! Haha. I think this is what detoured me from ordering before. It was $65 plus a couple bucks shipping. If you can get it from Amazon its the best deal I have found. Some websites charge less but shipping is $14. 


Here is a look I did using the palette. Rainbow inspired of course!


A more simple and wearable look! This is one of the best yellow shadows I have ever found! It's harder to find than you would think! 

BOTTOM LINE: For super bright colorful shadows that you KNOW will last all day.. This is your palette! the color options and combinations are endless! Get it, get it! :)

4.5 <3's out of 5!

(Only knocked down for the packaging. The palette's shadows come with little caps which initially I thought would be great! But they aren't positioned correctly so if you try and remove some of them you risk scratching the top off your shadow! This happened with one of the greens for me. Eep! Not a deal breaker for me though! :)


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