Monday, July 30, 2012

Rockeresque Beauty Co. Mailday and Swatches!

I returned home from my lengthy (for me) vacation from the east coast to find my lovely Rockeresque Beauty Co. package in the mailbox! 

How cute are these?!

I ordered a Sunshine Meltown Mini (attempting to get colors I don't really have.. Though I am only fooling myself. I really do have more reds, oranges, and yellows than any girl needs (jk. We need every single shade. Fo' real doe.) In the set of Mini's comes 5 samples for only $7! I received samples of: Hollywood, Jack-O-Lantern, Ruby Doo, Chicklet, and Fear Of Sleep. I got a BONUS sample of "Icicle."

 I ordered full size jars of: Platinum Blonde, Peppermint Gummy Bear, Zombie Ballerina, Gingerbread Cookie, Hula Hoop and Tear Drop. 

I was really impressed with how the Makeup was packaged! I have ordered loose shadows from some other Indie Makeup brands in the past and they weren't sealed like this. They also had easily removable stickers over the top of the sifters. This was really nice because it didn't create a big ol' mess when I opened them to swatch. Which has happened to me before with other brands.


(All colors are swatched over a thin layer of NYX's White Shadow base)

They are super shimmer and glide on easily as anticipated. I haven't done any look's yet (slightly jet jagged from the trip) but knowing me I will feel the urge to really play with them before the night is over. Super excited to try them all. I've heard so much about "Peppermint Gummy Bear" I cannot wait to try it for myself.

I won't jump onto the rating scale just yet as I haven't worn them through a day of work or anything like that yet. But at this point SUPER impressed and already antsy to try more colors! 

The customer service they provide is lovely as well. A hand written Hello Kitty note, and the Minnie's come in a polka dotted box. Couldn't be any cuter!

From what I have heard and now seen from myself I don't expect to be disappointed.

Be sure to check them out!


Photo's of my look's using my new Rockeresque shadows will be posted to my FACEBOOK and Instagram (Shannon_Shortcake) first but I promise to post them here as well. I have also jumped on the TUMBLR bandwagon as well. Let's hope I can keep all these up! Haha. Facebook, Instagram, and this blog will be my main outlets. With Randomness on MAKEUPBEE and Pinterest as well. :)


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