Sunday, July 1, 2012

Lime Crime d'Antoinette Palette review!

In the past couple years I became Re-Obsessed with Make Up and kept hearing about how wonderful the brand LIME CRIME was. When I saw some swatches from the palette d'Antoinette that they had put out it seemed too good to be true! I have always been a lover of pastels but when it comes to make up.. Most pastels are usually too pale to see. I have tried many brands and usually resorted to blending brighter colors with a lighter shadow or pigment to create my own pastel shade. A friend of mine was kind enough to purchase the palette for me for my birthday. (Thank you Christa!)

Here are some photos: 

The beautiful promotional photo for the palette featuring the gorgeous Doe Deere (creator of Lime Crime.)


And here is a look I did using all colors from the d'Antoinette palette as well as the amazingly adorable  liquid liner from Lime Crime "Blue Milk."

The thing I love most about this palette is that the colors are versatile. They can be put on lightly for just a hint of color or packed on for a darker shade. I honestly have nothing bad to say about this palette. It might just be pure make up love! 

Here are a few more looks I've done recently featuring colors from the d'Antoinette palette!!

A STRAWBERRY SHORTCAKE inspired look I did! 

You can also find me on MAKEUPBEE! Here is the main look I entered into their LIME CRIME d'Antoinette inspired look contest!

AGAIN. I can't think of any negative comments when it comes to this palette. If you are a lovely of pastels like I: it's a MUST HAVE. It allows you to be creative with your make up look but the colors are subtle enough that you wont be lookin' crazy if you go too overboard. Head on over to and snag yours!

5 our of 5 <3's!

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