Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Coastal Scents "Original 88 Palette"

So for many, many years I was a complete makeup brand snob. Nothing but MAC or Urban Decay. I believe it had to be a mix of Elf Cosmetics and a random palette I bought at Claire's of all places to wake me up. Once I realized there was so much more out there I remembered how much I had heard over the years about this palette. I know that people say that BH Cosmetics and Coastal Scents are pretty much the exact same thing. The types of palette's they carry vary but they both have a few of the "same" 88 palettes. I started with the original 88. I only really went with Coastal Scents because it's the brand I was so used to hearing. I did see the amazing Queen Of Blending use their Neutral 88 palette and I must say it looked GORGEOUS. Though.. Anything she does look's gorgeous. ANYWAY. 

Here is what the Palette looks like:

Today I did my first real makeup look with the palette:

I've been trying to embrace neutral colors again. I have been SO addicted to Sugarpill and Lime Crime lately that I have been neglecting the neutral shades: aka the shades most people will wear out of the house. I'm a girl who's had hair every color of the rainbow. I really do go out with most of the looks you see. I am lucky to have a job where it doesn't matter if I am wearing rainbow shadow. But I do love a smokey eye. It's an easy default.

OH HAI. I am rambling. ANYWAY. My point is that this palette is a great deal, and the color payoff is pretty amazing. Given I haven't used every color yet of course but the amount of shadow you have to use is minimal to get this dramatic effect. The shadow pans are only about the size of a dime so they are small. This would be great for someone who likes to try different looks everyday. If you are more of a same color zone (all brights, or all neutrals) I would suggest going with their neutral palette (I really am wanting to snag their 28 palette with the larger pan's asap.. My Urban Decay Naked palette ran away somehow. SO SAD.) ANYWAY.

Another person this palette would be ideal for is someone just getting into makeup. There really is every color and multiple shades of every color in this palette. Us makeup addicts know that really there are million shades of pink, and a million shades of blue.. BUT then again: remember that you can blend the colors together to create even more color's. I love pastels so I often mix white with brighter shades to tone them down. I am also a huge fan of this type of smokey eye/cut crease with the white shadow closest to the inner eye. If I cover my whole lid in black it just gets lost and my eyes look so tiny. So if you love BIG eyes.. Try this. :) 

I enjoy looking like a doll so the bigger my eyes can look (hello my obsession with false lashes!) the better! 

This was pretty much just a ramble but I wanted to share my "Eye of the day" on my blog and not only my facebook.

I do post daily photos of my makeup to my FACEBOOK page and on instagram (Shannon_Shortcake) so if you care to see my quickly done creations please follow on those. Keep in mind I usually rush at getting ready so they are not perfect. I do sometimes sit down and play with makeup for the more dramatic looks (Yay Lime Crime's Mermaid contest!)

SO yes check it out.. Shall I do a rating? I suppose so. I am sure this palette is reviewed EVERYWHERE but here we go..

PRODUCT: 5 of 5 (so far)
PACKAGING: 5 of 5 (I love palettes. So easy.)
WOULD I BUY AGAIN?: Yes if I ran out of enough shades that I needed. I suppose the fact that I want more of these palettes plays into this again. I do with you got more of each shade but for 88 colors at about $18 you can't lose. 


P.s. I ordered mine from Amazon.com! Click to ORDER!

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