Thursday, August 16, 2012

Favorite Beauty On A Budget Beauty Products

I have been asked many time's what my favorite products are. I admit to (at one point) being a total brand snob but have since realized there is no point. There are some really, really great makeup brands out there that won't cost you an arm and a leg! I'll be honest I haven't branched into drugstore brands for EVERYTHING just yet. I am still married to MAKE UP FOREVER Smokey Lash Mascara. I'm not a huge lipstick or blush wearer so until I dabble more in those I will go with what I know. :)


Favorite Affordable Face Primer

ELF Mineral Infused Face Primer
(PRICE: $6)

I am pretty smitten with this primer. I tried it on a whim after running out of my MAC prep + prime! I, like many smart phone girls, googled it as I was standing indecisively in Target haha. it had better reviews that my MAC primer did! So for $6 I gave it a try. LOVE.

Favorite Affordable Eye Shadow Primer:

NYX White Shadow Base

(PRICE: $6-$8 depending where you purchase!)

I have been a Urban Decay Primer Potion girl for many years. I have been doing a lot of colorful looks again these days and wanted to try something that would make the color POP! This certainly does the trick! It works well with any shadows though; not just colorful ones. I haven't experienced any creasing and it seems to keep shadow/sparkle fallout to a minimum.


REVLON Colorstay Foundation In Ivory
(PRICE: $10)

I had heard a lot of girls rave about this foundation. It's been many years since I have strayed from my normal MAC studio fix. I was forced when the day came that I was too pale for any of their shades and my normal shade was making me look yellow. No good. Right before purchasing this I invested in Make Up Forever's HD foundation: which yes is pretty great. BUT I did decide to give this a try and I am glad that I did! It's a nice heavy coverage but it doesn't FEEL heavy. It really does stay on all day.


Elf Liquid Liner
(PRICE: $1)

Okay. This seemed too good to be true. A good liquid liner... FOR $1?! FO' REAL DOE?! No really. It dries quickly and doesn't flake. It's $1! I had been using (and still often do!) MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack so I thought I would snag this lil' ELF liner for $1 to practice my liquid liner skills. I was pretty stoked. I am hooked!

ELF Waterproof Eye Liner Pen
(PRICE: $1)

Same thing. FO' REAL DOE. I could ramble and ramble but this pen.. Dries fast, and stays put!

Blackheart Liquid Liner

(PRICE: $5)

Found exclusively at Hot Topic this liner has a slight shimmer to it. I like the brush and it's easy to apply. :)


Elf Eyeshadow

(PRICE: $10-$20 for the 100 color palette. $1 for single pans or quads at Target!)

I know, I know. ELF AGAIN. But it's honestly the best (and amazingly cheaply priced) drugstore brand out there. For many years it was only sold online but is now avaliable at Target and Walmart. I actually found this palette for $9.99 at Burlington Coat Factory! Big Lots also has been carrying some ELF products lately for GOOD prices.

Revlon Diamond Lust Shadows

(PRICE: $4-$5)

Super sparkly and the fallout is minimal. I have only purchased the Starry Pink but I am loving it enough that I feel the need to purchase the rest. When do I NOT feel the need to purchase makeup?! ANYWAY.

Coastal Scents 88 Palette's 
(PRICE: $16)

Over the years this is another palette that I assumed was WAY too good to be true. 88 shadows for about $16. Whatever. I passed so many times but with my whole ELF awakening I decided to give it a try. I am loving it! I actually purchased the rest of the 88 palettes and the Smokey eye palette during the $8.88 flash sale. They are supposed to arrive tomorrow. EEE. I also ordered some brushes. I will let you know how those are soon!

Hope this helps guys! I will soon write a list of my ALL TIME favorite products which will be a little more extensive. These are a few ways that I am cutting costs to be able to splurge a little when I want to.  :)


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