Wednesday, August 29, 2012

MAC By Request: Eye Shadows

MAC By Request: Eye Shadows

MAC let their fan's vote on their favorite discontinued Eye Shadow Shades and here are the winners! 

(MAC by Request Eye Shadows!)

GUACAMOLE: Light Green With Gold Pearl
JETÈ: Sandy Coral
MOTH BROWN: Soft Metallic Grey/Brown


(MAC By Request Eye Shadow Swatches! Jete, Guacamole and Moth Brown)

A Look!

(A look using all three MAC by Request Shadows!)

I felt the need to purchase these eyeshadows with all the hype surrounding them. The whole Limited Edition and hundreds of thousands of people voting on these shades (I was hoping for a revival of "Parrot" boo!) I think my whole personal regret of not purchasing Parrot back in the back played into it haha. These shadows are nice; don't get me wrong. They are just not my normal colors. They are easily everyday colors though. I imagined them being softer than they are. Maybe I am too much of a lover of brights or maybe I have been having too big of a love affair with budget brands these days.. Perhaps with my recent over-purchasing of shadows and current affection for Sugarpill and Lime Crime. If you are a big MAC lover than these might be a good investment for you! I DO love MAC, I swear! I own many MAC shadows and used to be a complete MAC loyalist! I have been trying to broaden my horizons a bit is all.


PRODUCT: 3/5 (Good with a nice base and a little work)
PACKAGING: 5/5 (I have always been a fan of the little MAC pots!)
WOULD I BUY AGAIN: Probably not. Eep. 

Click Here! ---> MAC COSMETICS But hurry! They are very limited. :)

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