Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Lime Crime Magic Dust SALE and SWATCHES

Lime Crime has decided to discontinue their Magic Dust!

I found it frustrating the lack of swatches out there for the Magic Dust! I couldn't decide to purchase them or not in the first place.. But going to enough blogs and googling like a mad woman I found swatches of most of them. 

I snagged what was left from their site when they went 40% off (they are not 50% off)!! Then decided I was on a quest to complete my collection while I still could! It probably balanced out honestly after having to hunt down the last 6 colors I didn't have. My orders were cancelled twice because they were out of stock from other sellers on Amazon and Ebay. I guess I was not the only one in a frantic mission to find them! I did snag two from a seller on Amazon, and the last 4 from Bloom.Com (which arrived today)! 

Here are the swatches!

I hope these help some of you who are still on the fence about making this purchase. :)

I am not sure what some people's issues were with them but they're pretty darn beautiful if you ask me! For $6.99 and 10 colors left on their site it's a STEAL.

Go get them. RIGHT MEOW.

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