Saturday, August 11, 2012

Urban Decay Sale and Look!

I am sure you guys have heard about Urban Decay putting their "Vintage Shadows" on sale for $9 each on their website! If not, here to low down. Urban Decay reformulated and re-released all of their eye shadows! They also made it so you can create your own palette. I think the ability to create your own palette is something a lot of people love about MAC cosmetics. I have yet to try the new formula of Urban Decay shadows but I can vouch for their old formula! AMAZING. Beyond UD selling their single shadows on their website for $9 each they also have a TON of palette's on sale. As I debated ordering a few of them I stumbled upon MANY of them at Nordstrom Rack!

I feel like I am much more prone to buy if I can touch it and see it so.. Well.. There went my makeup budget (AGAIN. Ok. Truth be told I don't set a budget for Makeup but. I SHOULD.) ANYWAY. All of the Urban Palettes found on their website are also at the rack along with the vintage primer potion bottles (Why they changed this I am not sure. I LOVE the old applicator! I stoked up when they first went on sale!) 

My favorite thing I picked up was the Vegan Palette for only $12! 6 shadows and a mini primer potion! It's been a while since I have used Urban Decay (though I do own a ton of their products and the primer potions and 24/7 liners are a part of my daily makeup routine.) I forgot how smoothly they apply. I used shadows from the palette on the look below! For all products used visit my MAKEUPBEE look page!

Oh, and of course visit your local Nordstrom Rack for some sweet Urban Decay (and Smashbox!) deals! OR check it out online right here --> Urban Decay Sale!

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