Monday, August 27, 2012

Coastal Scents 88 Palette and 28 Neutral Palette Review and Looks

Coastal Scents 88 palettes!

I recently received my coastal scents haul consisting of the 88 metal mania palette, the 88 warm palette, the 88 shimmer palette, the 88 mirage palette and the 88 prism palette. I haven't used them all yet. But I am pretty fond of the warm palette and metal mania so far!

Here is a look I did using the Metal Mania palette!

I got the 28 neutral palette a little while ago and have had a little more time to use it. Here is a look I did using the 28 neutral palette!

Very simple, but very wearable! This palette is MOSTLY hit's which is so great. This palette was only $1 more than the price of 1 MAC shadow. (I love MAC, so I am not hating!) BUT.. 28 shadows that work well, in comparison to 1.. and ALL in one palette. I used to think too good to be true. Nope. It's just that good! haha.

I will add more photos and reviews as I continue to use the palettes. :D

You can order ALL of these palettes on AMAZON or the COASTAL SCENTS website. :)

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