Monday, August 27, 2012

BH Cosmetics SALE


For the next 48 hours ONLY get the 120 4th Edition palette PLUS liquid liner pen for only $15!! 

Time is also running out on their End Of Summer sale where ALL 120 palette's are only $18! I haven't tried BH cosmetics just yet but have heard many good things. I am a big Coastal Scents fan and its pretty much the same thing so I hear. I placed an order during the Party Girl palette being only $8 "steal-a-thon!" I am awaiting the arrival of that as well as a few other palettes. They always get me with the "Spend so much, get free shipping!" PLUS the deals are so good I couldn't resist!

I will be sure to review them on here once I get them and have a chance to play. Be sure to jump on over to BH COSMETICS to check out the sale while it is still going! :)

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