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SUGARPILL: Swatches, Review and Looks

I recently completed my Sugarpill Palette collection. I suppose in my makeup nerdyness tonight I decided to swatch and review all the palette's as well as the 10 Chromalust shadow's I have! :)


FINALLY with the purchase of the Burning Heart Palette my collection is complete (Well PALETTE wise.. and this is until the new shadows are released. Which I am antsy antsy antsy to see!) I haven't used many of these colors yet as I just recieved it in the mail a few days ago but Poison Plum is gorgeous on and I am super excited to try the other's. 


The Sweetheart palette was the first Sugarpill palette I owned. My favorite's from this palette would have to be Dollipop and Tako. Tako is the most perfect staple matte white shadow a girl could ask for.. And with Dollipop.. Well.. I am a sucker for pink. What I love about all Sugarpill shadow's is how high the pigment concentration is. You barely tap your brush into the pan and BOOM! Crazy color payoff. Given you can tap your brush out, or blend a little Tako with the other colors to lighten them up. :)

A look using the "Sweetheart" Palette:


The Heartbreaker palette is the latest release from Sugarpill! Though I am totally in love with ALL of the Sugarpill palette's I feel that they have perfected their shadow consistency with this palette. There also seem's to be a little more shimmer in these colors than the past palette's which are mostly a matte finish. It's hard to choose a favorite from this palette because I honestly love them all. Mochi is the perfect mint-tinged teal I have been searching for! 2am blend's beautifully with so many colors and is probably the one I use the most from this palette. 

A look using the "Heartbreaker" Palette:


You all know already that I love Sugarpill. It's honestly probably my favorite brand out there. Not only is the product amazing but the packaging is perfect. I am one of those people who have to sit there with the mirror right up to their face to do their makeup. I can't stand at the bathroom mirror: it doesn't really work for me. Haha. So the fact that there are the palette's available (you can also purchase these shades separately for those individual shadow lovers out there!) with the mirror inside is perfect for me. ALSO check out the new re-vamped palette style seen on the Burning Heart Palette in the photos above! How cute is that?! Oh, and there is one more bonus! Amy (aka Shrinkle) the creator of Sugarpill is super sweet and actually take's the time to talk to her fan's on Instagram. Maybe I adore her even a little more because she is also a fashion designer (I majored in Apparel Design). Makeup and Fashion are my two major loves!


PACKAGING: 5/5 (in relation to my personal preference)

PRODUCT: 5/5 (Amazing color payoff!)

APPLICATION: 5/5 (Easy to apply, just remember to tap the brush lightly! A little goes a LONG way with Sugarpill!)

WOULD I BUY AGAIN: YES. Luckily the pan's are HUGE and you use so little that the palette's will last you forever! Tako is the only one at this point I worry about running out of. If they were to discontinue any of these color's I would undoubtedly buy backups!


I will admit that I am usually a little reluctant to purchase loose shadows. I have an abundance of MAC pigments that I rarely use (though I don't know why I don't. They're gorgeous!) but after seeing look's other's had created with the Chromalust loose shadows I had to give them a try. I first ordered Goldilux, Asylum, Royal Sugar, Stella and Tiara. I recently ordered Birthday Girl, Decora, Magentric, Paperdoll and Darling. 

Each of these shadows are super shimmery and can be put on lightly over another shadow to give off a light shimmer OR packed on to achieve a much brighter result. What I love about these shadows is the shimmer fallout is minimal. Given, this could also have something to do with using the right shadow base and application techniques (I have recently been using mostly the NYX white base and usually apply loose shadows and pigments with my fingertip. This is best for the pack-it-on look.) I do also dust them over my other shadows using a regular shadow brush. They are versatile and many people often wear them as liners! Amy/Shrinkle herself wears them all the time (Follow her on Instagram to check out her almost daily eye looks!) using a mixing medium (I really need to get my hand's on a real mixing medium!)

Among these shadows Stella is actually one of the biggest STAND OUT pigments because of the muli colored shimmer effect it has. Though a black base: the shimmer is multi colored and it ACTUALLY look's multicolored when applied. Goldilux is a perfect deep staple gold that is pretty much a MUST have. From the neutral girl to the bright eye girl.. It works!

The interesting thing about the packaging of these is that there is no sifter. Most of the time I actually love that there isn't a sifter. I am able to go ahead and grab the amount of pigment I need without having to shake it upside down first. The only downfall is I am clumsy and if I were to drop one of these it'd be DONE-ZO. 

Look using "Goldilux" and "Stella!" :


PACKAGING: 4.5/5 (Only because I am clumsy. But I also love that the jar's are open. As long as you are careful it's great!)

PRODUCT: 4.5/5 (I only knocked this down because it's an OVERALL rating. Most of these colors are to die for and even the ones that are super light (Paperdoll and Birthday Girl) are still gorgeous! They just take a little more work to get that color. I love pastel's too though! So they are perfect for the color loving girls who keep it a little more subtle.

APPLICATION: 4.5/5 (Generally pan shadows are easier for people to apply. I am not sure why: maybe it is just what we are used to? The versatility of these shadows outweighs though.

WOULD I BUY AGAIN? YES. But just like the palette's so little goes a long way that I doubt I ever will have to! And if I do.. It won't be anytime soon!

Okay, Okay. I know nearly all of my reviews are positive but I find it so much more fun to talk about the makeup I love than something I regret purchasing. If there is ever anything you guys WANT reviewed please let me know. If I haven't tried it, I will make an effort to! :)

Give Sugarpill a try, you won't regret it!

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