Friday, September 21, 2012

Makeup Look Using Urban Decay's Naked 2 Palette and Review Plus New Vice Palette Info

Makeup Look Using Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette and Hot Topic False Lashes

Urban Decay's Naked 2 palette

I could ramble on about the loveliness of this palette but I feel as though it is pointless.
Just as Naked (The original) pleased me so.. This one has not been a let down. Though I have recently found the joys of more budget friendly options such as the Coastal Scents of BH Cosmetics 28 neutral palette's I can still appreciate the beauty and quality of the Original player in the Naked Palette game: Urban Decay.

Urban Decay as a whole has yet to be a let down at all. I could list many other cosmetic company names that I usually first research a certain shadow or product before purchasing because so many are hit and miss. Even companies price and "quality" comparable to Urban Decay. As I am reunited with my somewhat recent distant love.. I realize why I fell in the first place. You ALWAYS know what you are getting when it comes to Urban shadows. They are always smooth in application.. and nicely pigmented. Overall HIGH quality. You get what you pay for and maybe even a little more.

This palette comes with a mini lip gloss and a duel ended shadow and blending brush. I love the shadow brush that came with the first naked palette and I love this brush as well. Such a great bonus!

I could ramble for forever about this palette and UD as a whole but I will spare you and just chalk it down to GET IT. It's worth the $50. You can create a very natural look for everyday or go a little bolder and create a whole array of smokey eye's.

This has become a cult favorite and I understand why. I truly view it as a staple.

WHILE we are on the subject of Urban Decay.. What about that VICE palette!?
Urban Decay's New Vice Palette: Photo from UrbanDecay.Com

This new Urban Decay palette features 20 BRAND NEW and never before seen shades! What's awesome about this palette is it contains Shimmers, mattes, satins neutrals and brights! I am thinking this may be the go-to palette for the more color loving girls. It's current street date is September 27th.. You can, however, order it right now on UrbanDecay.Com! It comes with free shipping and they always send a couple free samples too. PLUS they have some INSANE SALE items going on! I ordered two of the vintage shadows (original shadow formula, only $6 each) and 4 of the clearance lipsticks ($3!! SERIOUSLY.) I am pretty excited for all of this to arrive.

There are a few beauty bloggers out there that were lucky enough to get this palette early. The reviews are all positive. It comes with a duel ended brush AND mirror inside the palette. It also features an array of shades so you can do multiple looks using JUST the shadows from the palette. No fumbling for other single shadows if you are in a hurry. My key to a well put together palette is

1.) Include a mirror and is easily hand held
2.) Comes with a color light enough for highlight and a color dark enough to create a smokey eye.
3.) Bonus of a all in one brush!

I cannot wait to get it and believe me.. I will review it as soon as it arrives!

Any of you guys snag this palette already?!

I cannot wait! ;)


P.S. Totally forgot to talk about the Hot Topic lashes! Newly in and loving them! They give you that huge dramatic Halloween-esque look without the super heavy band. Most lashes that look like this come with a THICK band. Love, love, love them. You can find them on HotTopic.Com or in most stores. $6.50 per pair but worth it.. You can easily get multiple wears out of them. :)

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