Saturday, September 22, 2012

New Lime Crime Palette ALCHEMY To Be Released October 13th

New Lime Crime Palette!

(New Lime Crime Palette Alchemy)

Oh yes! The time has come again! Lime Crime has announced they are releasing a brand new palette October 13th! The colors are yet to be released but! There are a couple teasers out there..

1.) The Lovely Miss. Doe Deere posted a photo of herself wearing the New Lipstick Color "Poison Berry" on her instagram (@limecrimemakeup)

(New Lime Crime Lipstick Poison Berry from Alchemy Collection!)

2.) The new cover photo on Lime Crime's Facebook shows a GORGEOUS green shadow!

              3.) This photo was also posted to Lime Crime's Instagram! Gives you a feel for what might be in store for Alchemy!

Are you as antsy as I am?!


Check out some of Lime Crime's other lovely makeup in the mean time.. They also post news to their website. I promise to relay the info as soon as I get it! I am not an affiliate for Lime Crime (SO happy to be able to promote one of my favorite makeup companies just a little more!) So please click HERE so they know exactly who sent you! It would mean a lot. :D 

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  1. Im soooooo excited for this one....i hate saying this, but I didnt like the aquatenia...pastels aint my thang lol but this one seems like its oging to be absolutely beautiful!! And that lipstick Doe had one...MINE!! hehe

    1. I love pastels! Lol. Which is probably obvious.. Ive had the hardest time trying to wear the china doll palette haha but its so pretty! Im so antsy to see this new one.. I bet its going to be gorgeous! Just like the new poison berry lipstick! I love the witchy feel.. so excited. I am such an uber nerd haha. <3