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Coastal Scents 36 Smokey Eye Palette VS BH Cosmetics 28 Smoky Eye Palette

Coastal Scents 36 Smokey Eye Palette VS BH Cosmetics 28 Smoky Eye Palette

So! Many of the palette's Coastal Scents and BH Cosmetics carry are very very similar (some say they are the exact SAME palette's just with different names. I have yet to purchase 2 of the "same" palettes from both companies so I can't really say 100% but I can say, for example, the 28 neutral palettes look identical.)

These palette's are different. Perhaps this is where the name change comes into play? Coastal Scents take's the traditional "Smokey Eye" spelling while BH Cosmetics drop's the E with "Smoky Eye."  

Word is: Each Palette is an EXCLUSIVE to their company. So! Let's do a quick comparison so you can decide which is right for YOU.

(BH Cosmetics 28 Smoky Eye Palette VS. Coastal Scents 36 Smokey Eye Palette  Comparison)

Some Quick PROS/CONS to each!


PROS: Large Pan Size, Palette includes Mirror and 2 bonus applicators, Includes Matte, Satin, Glitter and Shimmer Shadows, Has multiple darker shadows with more finish options *key for the smokey.. SMOKY eye.* More of a neutral selection for those who want a more classic smokey eye or aren't too into color!

CONS: Less color options: No brights.


PROS: More color options, Palette includes Matte, Satin and Shimmer shadows, is laid out into 6 color-coordinated sections designed to make the smokey eye easy for you.

CONS: Smaller pan size, No Glitter Shadows, No Mirror or Bonus Applicators.


Here is what it comes down to: What is right FOR YOU. Do you want more color options? Do you need the bonus applicators? Do you use your own makeup mirror or enjoy a palette containing one? (I prefer palette's containing mirrors but usually use my hand held size (like Sugarpill "hand held" sized quad palettes.)

There are reviews on BOTH palette's here on my blog to give you a little more insight and indepth thoughts. This is just the at a glace comparison. I wouldn't say either has better quality shadows. Some are winners and some are harder to work with in BOTH palette's. If you can find these on sale I would find it wise to snag both. THOUGH when do I not find it wise to snag a good make up deal?! EEP.

You can Purchase the BH COSMETICS "28 Smoky Eye Palette" here ---> BAM!


You can Purchase the COASTAL SCENTS "36 Smokey Eye Palette" here ---> BOOM!

Keep in mind both palette's are usually available on Amazon and sometimes with a better discounts and/or free shipping. MOST Coastal Scents Palette's are on Amazon AND are shipped by Amazon which means Free shipping if you are a PRIME member or Free Shipping on orders over $25. Which, is a bargain when it comes to shipping. Fo' real doe.

Feel free to comment with any questions you have or points I may have missed. :)


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