Saturday, September 22, 2012

Best False Eyelash Adhesive

Best False Eyelash Adhesives!

I have made it clear I am a false eye lash wearing girl on this blog! I LOVE them. I have worn them on and off for years (and recently can't stop wearing them..) So I have been around the.. Lash glue block?

For a couple years there I had heard so much talk about Duo Glue (Now found everywhere from MAC stores to Target!) and kinda brushed it off because of Lash Grip being a cheaper price and it seemed to work fine.. Well. UNTIL I tried Duo.. 

So I'll keep this simple..

(#1 best eyelash adhesive)

Duo is now available pretty much EVERYWHERE (even Nordstrom Rack!) and though it is usually priced higher than it's competitors there is a reason: it really just works better. In my opinion anyway. It dries faster, it stays put longer, it holds tight (though! Careful not to apply TOO much.. You may pull an eye lash or two out! A thin line is all you need!) Especially for beginners this would be the way to go. Though.. There are some pro's about my #2 pick that Duo does not have..


I was excited to see that Eylure now sells an eye lash glue (maybe I am behind the times.. but when I tried finding it for purchase anywhere other than inside a pack of their lashes I had zero luck!) Even now it appears its only being sold in the UK? I need to research a little more.. ANYWAY. I tried Eyelure's eyelash adhesive when I had purchased a pair of the Katy Perry Lashes (in style "Oh my!" Love them!) and the awesome part about their adheisve design is there is a little stick attached to the cap of the glue.. Therefore making it SUPER easy to apply the glue to the lash line of the false lashes. The hold is GOOD. It dries faster than lash grip, but slower than duo. It's solidly in the middle here. :)

I grew up using this lash adhesive! It's always been sold at Walmart and target. I love ardell lashes and started out wearing ONLY Ardell lashes.. Therefore the fit seemed right. I thought it was great (until I ventured out) and it is. Not to hate on it: it gets the job done. BUT it dries much slower than Duo and doesn't hold as well as Duo or Eylure. If it's all your can find: it will work.

Here is the low down: If you don't mind spending the extra $1 or $2 on your lash glue DUO is the way to go. It's even available in black now! This makes it easier for it to blend with the lashes and your lash line. Since I am new to duo I have only tried the clear but am antsy to try the black based one.

These are just my rambles on lash glue. I have been asked multiple times which I thought was best so I thought I would throw it out there. You may disagree and it's all good. BUT I hope this helps someone. :) I wish I had just gone with Duo to begin with! Nothing is worse than havin' your false lashes fallin' off all wonky like! Haha! Okay many things are worse but when it comes to a makeup fail.. It's my pet peeve! 

Do you have a favorite eye lash adhesive NOT listed here? Please share! :D

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