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Coastal Scents 36 Smokey Eye Palette Review and Swatches

Coastal Scents 36 Smokey Eye Palette

During the Coastal Scents back to school and 8/8 sale's I snagged a TON of their palettes. The one I was most excited to get was teh 36 smokey eye palette. What is cool about this palette is it is arranged in 6 sets of 6 eye shadows that are to be paired to create the perfect smokey eye.

The first of the 6 include's a very fall feeling orange/brown combination (top left). The next 6 are Yellows and Greens, followed by Purples. The first 6 on the bottom row (bottom left) include a set for the perfect neutral and CLASSIC smokey eye, then a set of 6 for a blue smokey eye and lastly 6 to create an awesome pink smokey eye. Here is the diagram and description from CoastalScents.Com!

"Section One: Golden oranges, rich browns, and a neutral highlight to create a more natural smokey eye look.
Section Two: Shades of vibrant green, lemon yellow, and deep chocolate brown for an earthier look.
Section Three: Pastel lavender to deep plums for a sultry violet look.
Section Four: Shimmery silvers, matte black, and a sheer highlighter for a more common smokey eye.
Section Five: Lively blues and aqua for an Avant-Garde look.
Section Six: Vivid pinks, iridescent highlighters, and a matte black shade with red sparkles for a vibrant smokey eye effect."-CoastalScents.Com

What I like about this is each set of 6 includes everything you need. From Matte to shimmer and from Neutral to Bright: you're set! Not that you can't combine any that you'd like of course! But this makes the palette great for makeup newbies and people who find the smokey eye a bit challenging (though many of us think it's a classic, and it is.. It's not always the easiest for every eye shape to pull off!) 

For example: My brown eyes and pale complexion make it hard for me to pull off the all over smokey eye look. My eye's get lost! I have to use a lighter color on the inner corner and usually to mid-lid in order to pull the look off. For anyone feeling the same way, try it with a lighter color in the middle and use the "Cut-Crease" method (cutting the crease is when you shade ABOVE your crease as opposed to the usual in the crease: this creates the illusion that your eyes are larger and brighter! It's my favorite technique I ever learned and I use it almost every day!)

OKAY, back to the palette! When I received it I imaged it to be a bit larger. Though the pans are larger than the classic 88 palette's I somehow thought they would be the same size as the 28 neutral palette (which have pans that are sized comparable to MAC pans). There is still enough shadow to last you for quite a while. Plus if you are a collector of the coastal scents or BH Cosmetics palette's you are aware that they are sweetly priced and come with enough color options that every palette will give you many options and last you forever: and will never break the bank!

Onto the swatches!

(Coastal Scents 36 Smokey Eye Palette Swatches)

Like every large palette (and every brand!) there will be some hits and misses. This palette is exactly what I typically expect from Coastal Scents which is MORE hits than misses. The matte's are a little tough but totally workable. The shimmers are smooth and bright. I believe I paid under $13 for this palette which equates to about .37 cents a shadow. CRAZY.


PRODUCT: 4/5 (Way more hits than misses. Once I use it more I might update this!)
PACKAGING: 5/5 (I'm a sucker for palettes! Easy and Fast!)
PRICE: $13-$19.95 (Depending on sales! Totally worth the price!)
WOULD I BUY AGAIN?: Yes! If needed. :)


CLICK HERE to purchase the palette! You can also check AMAZON! You might find a better deal there. :)

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