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Where To Find Good but Affordable False Lashes

Where to find (GOOD) but Cheap false eye lashes?!

Oh girl you don't even know. I am sort of a lash horder. It's bad. I have always been obsessed with long lashes and have always wanted doll-like eyes. I, like most girls, started with the drugstore brand lashes (Ardell, Salon Perfect, etc) until one day while googling false lashes I came across my first lash haven!

Each box contain's 10 pairs of lashes (I was way stoked on this back then.. and still am!)

If you buy three boxes you get FREE shipping, if you buy four boxes you get a fifth for free! (Given they get to choose the lashes for you *most of the time*)

Though they are affordable they are packaged well. Some need trimming but are only tacked down on the outside edges to the boxes. (Some cheap lashes come with a ton of gross glue that you have to take the time to peal off.)

Out of all the lashes I have purchased when it comes down to the best QUALITY and PRICE BALANCE this is it. When I first started purchasing Model 21 lashes they were all about $8 a box. Over the past few years prices have gone up a bit with new styles, and packaging. 

BONUS: They often send out 15% off coupon codes too!

Lucky me (and you!) my three favorite styles remain pretty nicely priced:

$8.15 (box of 10 pairs)

$14.95 (box of 10 pairs)

and my all time favorite..

$8.95 (box of 10 pairs)

Amazon is a GREAT place to find cheap false lashes. Many ebay sellers have switches over to amazon and I am HAPPY about this. Something about ordering from amazon just feels much more secure. I KNOW I will get what I pay for. At first it seems too good to be true "20 pairs of lashes for $3.99!" and see it is true.. Then factor in shipping and the price goes up a little bit. I find the best approach is to buy a bunch from one seller as they usually combine shipping. I have ordered multiple times from the seller: CrazyCart. I end up paying about 50%+ shipping but the lashes are so cheap I still end up getting roughly 120 pairs for $50. SRSLY. Our of all that I have ordered from CrazyCart.. Here are my favorites..

$2.39 (+$3.98 shipping for 10 pairs)

$3.99 (+$3.98 shipping for 20 pairs)

$2.99 (+3.98 for 10 pairs)

NOTE: This seller combines shipping. I believe it's $3.98 + $1 per additional item. This makes a huge difference!

I know many people are anti-walmart. I admit, it is not my favorite place to go but if you are in need of some false lashes STAT this is your golden ticket. I would equate their Salon Perfect lashes with Ardell when it comes to quality and they're a couple dollars less (usually $2.98 I believe.)

$4.98 (for starter kit, $2.98 for lashes alone)

I hope this helps guys!

There are your best options for Cheap, Cheap Cheap, and CHEAP CHEAP CHEAP! Haha.

Once you get the hang of applying false lashes though you can make pretty much anything work. I have grown to feel the need for all sorts of lashes (hense my HUGE lash stash!) Sometimes I want to wear natural looking ones and somedays.. Okay MOST days I want GIANT lashes. Cheap can be okay in this point.

Model 21 lashes are the perfect balance because they are NICE quality (easy to get multiple wears out of each pair), are oversized so I never have to trim down, aren't caked with glue are lightweight but LONG so they are natural yet noticeable and are of course: affordable.


Many have asked for a video tutorial on this and I haven't been able to make one just yet. So for now I am going to share with your the amazing blog post that taught ME how to apply false lashes years ago from my favorite blogger Vanessa of NessasaryMakeup.Blogspot.Com!

My personal approach is to trim if needed so they are the right length for my lash line (in the beginning I was convinced they would fall apart.. I had many issues haha.) then apply a thin layer of clue along both the false lash lines.. Apply mascara. Gently apply the lashes once at a time of course: using tweezers. It sounds weird but it really DOES work. There are actually rounded tweezers out there that are MADE for applying false lashes. The lash applicators in starter kits never works well for me. Let dry, and apply more mascara to further blend the lashes. The first coat helps the lashes stand evenly. I noticed when I skipped that step sometimes one eye my lashes would be perfect and the others would droop haha. Total wonk eye!

Anyway. Again, I hope this helps someone. I heard of another good seller but have YET to order lashes from them. If they are good, I will post it here FOR SURE!

A major shout out to Miss. Vanessa for being my first favorite make up blog. I learned many things from reading her blog. She's a busy lady these days so she doesn't blog too much anymore: BUT! Her blog is still up and there is a lot of great info on there. Do check it out!

Got a question? Please comment! :)

Wondering how big my lash stash REALLY is.. Here's a lil' sneak peek!

This was taken months ago. I have gone on a recent SPLURGE of lashes and makeup and these bins are currently over flowing all over the floor (especially with the additional of all my new Coastal Scents and BH Cosmetics palettes! YIKES!) The white containers are for lashes only.. Single sets, fancy lashes, model 21 lashes, Random but often worn lashes, then the rest of my random boxed lashes or ones I have multiples of.

My Makeup organization (or lack of right meow) goes: Pigments, Mac shadows, All other Shadows, most used small palettes, bings of liquid liners, pencil liners, glitter liners, glitter,  and shadow bases. Then Lip products and a few other mostly used palettes, then the bottom drawer is kind of randomness. I have makeup everywhere.. It's ridiculous. 

How do you guys keep your makeup organized? Curious and would love some great tips!!



About $5 a pair (bonus! includes a great little tube of quality and easy to apply adhesive! Next to DUO glue it's my favorite!)


Hi. I love makeup. and I really love lashes. It causes this to happen. RAMBLE RAMBLE RAMBLE. 


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