Wednesday, September 5, 2012

MAC Cosmetics Swatches

MAC Cosmetics Swatches

This is MOST of my MAC collection swatched out! This took WAY longer than expected and I apologize for sloppiness haha. All are taken with flash over either NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk or Elf White Primer! :)

(MAC Swatches Pandemonium, Black Tied, Beauty Marked, Electra, Knight Divine and Carbon)

(MAC Swatches Sugar Blue, Turquadic, Aquadesiac, Gulf Stream, Blue Absinthe, Steamy, Night Bird, Electric Eel, Robins Egg, BIG T, Bang On Blue and Styledriven.)

(MAC SWATCHES With A Twist, Shimmermint, Sprout, Lustreleaf, Wondergreass, Juxt, Swimming, Going Bananas and Chrome Yellow.)

(MAC SWATCHES: Satin Taupe, Ablance, Dark Devotion, Honey Lust, Smut, Till Daybreak, Idol Eyes, Go, Moth Brown, Sparkle Neely, Sparkle! and Hocus Pocus)

(MAC SWATCHES: Cloudbound, Nylon, Almond Icing, Scant, Gorgeous, Phloof!, Crystal Avalanche, Magic Dust, Grand Entrance, DreamMaker, Naked Lunch and Goldmine!)

(MAC SWATCHES: Romping, Stars N' Rockets, Playful, Creme De Violet, Hepcat, Miss Piggy Pink, Pink Slip, Swish, Gleam, Cranberry, Coppering, Beautiful Iris, Grateaux, Up At Dawn, Violet Trance, Demi-Sweet and Parfait Amour.)

More to come..

Most of these colors are permanent colors and can be purchased here at MacCosmetics.Com or at your local MAC store or counter! :)

MY MUST HAVES/FAVORITES: Electra, Romping, Coppering, Beautiful Iris, Phloof!, Hepcat, Swish, Turquadic, Black Tied, Beauty Marked, Naked Lunch, Goldmine, Smut, Lucky Green, Juxt, Robins Egg, Night Bird,  Styledriven and Shimmermint.)


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