Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Sugarpill ChromaLust Shadow Swatches and Must Haves

Sugarpill ChromaLust Loose Eyeshadow Swatches

I have finally completed my ChromaLust collection (For now.. word is there shall me some new shadows released in the months to come!) and thought I would swatch them all together for you guys! 

(Sugarpill Chromalust Loose Eyeshadow Swatches)

The first 5 shades I ordered were Goldilux, Royal Sugar, Tiara, Asylum and Stella. I think my first order was a good choice and would probably name those 5 my MUST HAVE colors. THOUGH I am a hugeeee lover of pinks (my second order consisted of Birthday Girl, Decora,   Magnetric, Paperdoll and Darling.. and Third I grabbed the last eight being Lumi, Magpie, Tipsy, Absinthe, June Bug, Starling, Weekender and Hysteric.)


Royal Sugar:Striking bright blue with a heavenly burst of turquoise diamonds. The perfect hooker blue for a sweet girl like you

Darling: Stunning teal loaded with iridescent turquoise star bursts.

Tiara:Brilliant, highly-reflective metallic silver with maximum shock value shine. The micro-fine particles are super tiny, so this looks amazing sprinkled all over as body shimmer too.

Goldilux: Brilliant, highly-reflective metallic gold with breathtaking shine. The brightest gold you’ve ever seen. The micro-fine particles are super tiny, so this looks amazing sprinkled all over as body shimmer too.

Asylum: Shiny sexpot red with dramatic sparkle

Birthday Girl:Sweet princess pink with iridescent fuchsia sparkles

June Bug:Luxurious forest green with a burst of diamonds

Starling:Vibrant, metallic turquoise with intense sheen

Absinthe:A mischievous vivid lime green with yellow undertones. Shimmery!

Paper Doll:Lovely lavender with dazzling shimmer and sparkle.

Stella:The blackest of jet blacks, bursting with rainbow diamond sparkle.

Weekender:Metallic blue-violet with intense sparkle and sheen.

Tipsy:High-shimmer true grass green.

MagPie:Dramatic silky black with metallic blue sheen and turquoise sparkles. Seductive smoky eyes with a twist.

Hysteric: Metallic purple with turquoise sparkles and luminous flashes of green.

Lumi:Snow white with turquoise sheen and flashing bursts of blue and green. When worn over a dark base, this complex white transforms itself into your new favorite blue eye shadow.

Magnetric: Metallic deep magenta with a dazzling turquoise sheen

Decora: Delicious hot pink with iridescent bursts of green

As far as loose shadows go these have got to be my favorite! If you are going to just check then out. I suggest starting with Goldilux, Stella, Tiara and Lumi. They are all very basic but brilliant at the same time. Royal Sugar is the best Royal Blue I have yet to find (believe me.. I have tried many!)

To check these our or to order yourself some click here --> Shop Sugarpill! or click one of the banners on the side or footer of the blog!

You will not be disappointed. :)

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