Saturday, September 22, 2012

Lime Crime Lipstick Review

(Some of my new Lime Crime Lipsticks!)

When I won one of the bonus prizes from the Aquataenia Mermaid Makeup Contest I received one of Lime Crime's lipsticks in the shade Airborne Unicorn. I have never been HUGE on lip products. To be honest.. Most lipsticks or Lipglosses left my lips feeling.. Sweaty? Haha. That sounds gross but it's true. It's an unpleasant feeling. BUT! I had heard so many great things about Lime Crime's Lipsticks that I was pretty excited to try it.


FINALLY! A lipstick that doesn't drive me crazy and is available in nearly every color you could possibly ask for! They have a opaque matte finish which is perfect. You can always gloss up a matte finish but it's hard to matte a glossy finish. I hope that makes sense haha. The point is: they smell nice, the color is beautiful, and they have staying power. What else could you want in a lipstick?! 

The colors I have tried are: Airborne Unicorn, Glamour 101, Retrofuturist, Centrifuschia, and Countessa Florescent. 

(Lime Crime Lipstick Swatchs: Glamour 101, Retrofuturist, Airborne Unicorn, Countessa Flourescent, and Centrifuchia)

(Lime Crime Lipstick Swatches: Glamour 101 and Retrofuturist)

(Lime Crime Lipstick Swatches: Airborne Unicorn, Countessa Glourescent and Centrifuchsia)

The Colors I can't wait to get: Great Pink Planet, Coquette and Cosmopop! Luckily the lipsticks are getting back in stock! As soon as Coquette is back I plan to make an order! 

Another cool thing LIME CRIME  has done for us is put together a Visual Lipstick Guide. With so many color options: How do you know which one is right for you?! Well just check it out right here!  

(Lime Crime Lipstick Visual Lipstick Guide)
I am pretty happy to be pale right meow. Though.. I am still lusting after Great Pink Planet. I plan on cheating the guide a little as it's too perfect of a baby pink not to own!

I am wondering.. What are YOUR favorite shades of Lime Crime's lipsticks? 

and what are your favorite Lime Crime products?

OH and FYI.. There are still a few shades of the Lime Crime MAGIC DUST left to snag at 50% off!! Get over there right meow!


  1. I don't have a favorite since I have never tried it, but it looks nice!

    1. Yay! I always get so excited when someone actually comments haha. :) Lime Crime is great! I am really happy I found this company. :D

  2. My favorite is retro futurist! But the grey one, Chinchilla, is a Color I have been dying to try but I am too scared to. If you do a zombie look their grey lippie might work with it. Just a suggestion!